tonies® Toniebox review and giveaway

December 20, 2019


There’s something so magical about a good story, isn’t there. We absolutely love sitting back and letting our imaginations run wild with characters from our favourite authors.


But, as the school holidays peek into sight, I’ve noticed that Little Button has been reaching for her tablet more and more after school, because ‘watching’ something online that’s to hand, is a lot easier than picking up a book when you’re tired. I know it’s something that we all do from time to time, but it’s definitely not a habit that I want sticking around.


Luckily, the clever bods over at tonies® have come up with something wonderful that’s been a real game changer for us. The tonies® Toniebox!  


tonies® Toniebox review




tonies® Toniebox review


The tonies® Toniebox is the most adorable squishy audio system, which has been specifically designed with little fingers in mind. The soft, stylish box is actually a speaker, and allows little ones to very easily pop on their choice of audiobook or music to listen to, quite simply at the touch of a Tonie.


We were very lucky to be sent a Toniebox starter set with 2 additional Tonie figures to try out. Here’s how we got on.


tonies® Toniebox review

tonies® Toniebox review


What’s inside?


The Toniebox comes in a starter set with everything you need to, well, get started. 


tonies® Toniebox review



Inside the box is:

– A Toniebox. These come in a lovely choice of green, grey, light blue, pink, purple and red.

-A Creative-Tonie (the one that looks like a little person). These are the extra special Tonies that allow you to upload up to 90 minutes of your own MP3s, audiobooks or voice recordings to. #Exciting

– A Charging station to charge your Toniebox battery.  


The 2 additional Tonies we received were a Penguin Tonie preloaded with Christmas songs and carols, and the Disney Little Mermaid Tonie preloaded with the story and songs. – Both are fantastic!



Easy to set up


If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering just how easy is it to set up the Toniebox. We’ve all been in that tricky situation were the little ones have unwrapped an awesome present, only to discard it half an hour later because no one can work the thing!


Well, have no fear. It really is so simple to set up. I mean, even I could do it! 


It’s just a case of putting your Toniebox on charge and then following a few simple steps online via your mobile phone to connect it to the Wi-Fi. This is only needed when you first set up your Toniebox. 


tonies® Toniebox review


It took us about 5 minutes and then it was ready to go!



Stories and music at their fingertips


Wow. Just wow! I don’t think I have ever come across anything quite like a Toniebox.


tonies® Toniebox review



Forget nipped fingers and cracked CD’s, there’s nothing to try and slot into the Toniebox to get it working. 


Instead, the cutest little ‘Tonie’ figures will magically play their content when popped on top of the Toniebox (they stay put as they are magnetic). It’s completely free of complicated and frustrating controls, so little ones can enjoy a truly intuitive, screen-free play experience. 


tonies® Toniebox review


In fact, after we set ours up, we didn’t even need to read the instructions as Little Button was able to work out everything for herself. #Winning.


A simple squeeze of the ears will turn the sound up and down. A tap on the side will skip a chapter or a tilt to the side will rewind or forward. 




The sound quality is gorgeous too, and it will go loud enough to drown out all the typical household background noise. Something that mine was quite keen to double check!




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Grab and go with your Toniebox


The Toniebox is super-portable and light, with around 7 hours of battery life. 


Whether they are on the go playing superheroes in every room in the house (!), out and about, or settling in for bedtime, it’s practical and sturdy design means it literally can go anywhere, and without fear of it breaking if it takes a bit of a tumble or two.


Ours gets carted all over the house after school, left playing outside the bathroom and even hidden in bed for a sneaky ‘extra story’. It’s had one or two accidental bumps and there’s not a scratch or sign of wear or tear on it at all, which I’m really pleased to see. 


tonies® Toniebox review





The possibilities are endless!


There really is something for everyone to listen to because of the huge variety of Tonies available. All of which are completely child friendly, with appropriate preloaded songs, stories and factual content. There’s plenty of firm favourites in the mix, like Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Room on the Broom’, to classics like ‘The Little Prince’. I really like how the tonies® website showcases these as you can hear an audio clip of each Tonie and work out what might suit your little one best.


tonies® Toniebox review


We’ve especially been loving our Penguin Tonie who plays Christmas songs! And after school, instead of reaching for that tablet to watch, I’ve noticed that Little Button now grabs her Toniebox and we have a bit of a dance and Christmas sing-song round the kitchen together. Yass! 



The extra special ones


By far, my favourite Tonie is the Creative-Tonie that came in our starter set -the one that looks like a little person! Creative-Tonies are the ones that you can load content on yourself via the computer or phone app. They are a great way of having family members read a bedtime story when they can’t actually be there in person to do it. Or perhaps load on some super funky tracks for a dance-a-thon. This is exactly what we’ve done with ours, and at the moment, it houses the soundtrack to Disney’s Descendants 3. 


tonies® Toniebox review



Our overall thoughts


Impressed! As in, REALLY impressed. We love everything about our Toniebox and the Tonies we have. From the squidgyness of the actual box, to the way it simply works. It’s completely spot on and perfect for such a wide range of ages too. 


For us personally, the biggest shift has been seeing Little Button ditch her tablet in favour of her Toniebox after school. It’s such a peace of mind knowing that she’s actively choosing not to zone out in front of a screen, but rather engage and immerse herself in the wonderful world of storytelling and music!




The Toniebox starter set is available to purchase for £69.95, and additional Tonies are available for £11.99 to £14.99. I think this would make such a wonderful gift, and I can’t wait to start adding to our own collection.





We have a 24 hour FLASH GIVEAWAY over on Instagram to win a Toniebox starter set and additional Tonie as part of #12daysoftonies. Pop over to enter today! 


For another chance to win tomorrow, head over to Muslim Mummy


Good luck!




Disclosure: Ad+Gifted| Little Button was sent a Toniebox starter set and two additional Tonies to try out. All views are our own.



10 responses to “tonies® Toniebox review and giveaway”

  1. This is so cute, I love those little characters! It is great to be able to get them into something different as my son tends to go for YouTube as soon as we get in from school, so this would be a great alternative.

  2. Victoria says:

    This is a great idea. Love that it introduces them to audio books too and the little characters are a great addition. Thanks for sharing!


    This sounds like a really well thought out product. It’s always good when the kids can do it all themselves safely so they become more independent.

  4. Karen Legge says:

    I love the principle of this. I fear it would get a bit costly though with the variety of ads-one. I love how they can be independent with their choice of audio though. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Oh this does sound like a lovely idea and perfect gift. Its interactive which kids love too

  6. Sabina Green says:

    Oh I love the look of this. It is very stylish and great for kids, the little changable characters are cute too and it would make a nice different gift.

  7. Sarah Howe says:

    ah we love ours! my eldest has said it is the best thing she has ever had from the blog. The stories and music and lovely and I love recording me reading too x

  8. Jenni says:

    I’ve been really tempted by the Tonies Box in the past. We used to live in Germany and they are really popular there, and I love the design. I’m a little put off though by the fact the Tonies cost three times as much as the same audio books on TV, and I’m worried about the space storing the figures would take up.

  9. I love the sound of this, especially the choice of audio books. The little characters are so cute too.

  10. I think Erin will get into audio books soon. This looks great!

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