Top 5 Reasons Why Having A September-Born 4 Year Old Rocks

November 11, 2016


For years everyone has crooned about how lucky we were to have a September-born child. Statistics supposedly show that a September-born is more likely to succeed and be top of the class in school. Yay I thought, until this year.


You see, the very same people who thought this was ace are now asking me why I am holding my daughter back from school. I have been on the receiving end of many a stern look. Even strangers have felt the need to console me because “isn’t it such a shame that you have her for an extra year”. *Cue puckered puzzled mum face. Because, the last time I checked, I didn’t think I was doing any holding back of the sort, since she is not due to start school until September 2017. I just don’t get it.


In fact, so worried was I, that I even double (actually triple) checked the school admissions pages to see if I was meant to be attempting to ‘get her in early’ or something. I assure you, it’s not the case.


So, for all those who think that our September-born 4 year olds are missing out, here are 5 reasons why they really aren’t.


Top 5 Reasons Why Having A September-Born 4 Year Old Rocks




1. Let Them Be Little

I think most parents will be familiar with the term ‘let them be little’. In a world which demands us to grow-up, and quickly at that, there is a huge parent tribe out there counteracting this and attempting to slow things down. Because tiddlers should be allowed to just be little, right? Hooraa for being a September-born as they get to enjoy being little for just that incy bit longer.


2. The Teacher To-Do-List

If you haven’t seen the teacher’s you-must-be-able-to-do-list, then where have you been? Variations of this have been frightening parents of pre-schoolers across the nation. Anything from basics like doing their own coat up for playtimes, to the more complicated must know all 36 letters of the alphabet (huh?) may appear on this list. Lucky September-born’s will have a bit longer to master these skills. Phew!


3. Holiday Time

A huge gripe for parents of school age children are the school holiday, home or abroad holiday prices. Pick a date term-time and you are likely to find that you are paying much less and more affordable prices for a less busy, therefore, better quality experience. How does that even figure? So, without trying to sound boastful… any time, any place my dear little September-born, the world is your oyster, for this year at least.


4. Discovering You

Your threenager is on their way out and starting to make way for a more confident, self-assured 4 year old self. It’s an amazing time as their personality evolves just that little bit more and gives you glimpses into what they will be like in the future. Now is the time for discoveries and dreams. Unhampered by classmates and teachers views, your September-born little one’s imagination can soar without reservation.


5. Time For Us

My absolute favourite reason why having a September-born 4 year old does in fact rock, is the extra year we have together. It’s not going to be the case for everyone due to different circumstances, but I count my lucky stars for having this time with my daughter. Our time at home is our own time. No homework invasions, extra uniform washing or must-do after school classes to get tied-up with. It’s just you and me kiddo.


What do you think? 


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40 responses to “Top 5 Reasons Why Having A September-Born 4 Year Old Rocks”

  1. I thinks it’s fantastic! I do think kids are sent to school too early. I was 4 months away from 5 years old when I first started school. Did me no harm!! Xx

  2. Heather Keet says:

    My nephew was pushed into kindergarten early and now he’ll have to be held back because he’s not emotionally ready to go to first grade. I don’t see why the big push to force children into school just because of an arbitrary date on a calendar picked by someone who doesn’t know each individual child. #DreamTeam

  3. Lucy At Home says:

    I love this! I have a September-born girlie too! She’s just turned 2. I don’t understand what this obsession is with getting kids into school. People even talk about putting them in full time nursery beforehand for the sole reason of “getting them ready for school”. But there’s so much that little ones can learn from being out and about and not confined to the four walls of a classroom – the value of money on a shopping trip, the names of flowers and trees on a walk, the ability to balance at the playground. Let them be little! Yes! #DreamTeam

  4. My daughter is a September 4-year old and although I sometimes feel that she is ready for school now I’m so glad I have another year with her! We are doing more ‘schooly’ stuff at home and she goes to nursery on the days that I work so I think it’s a pretty good balance. Kids spend so long in school, make the most of it now! #DreamTeam xx

  5. I love this and bloody good for you for looking for the positives when others are being unnecessarily negative! Let them be little is so important as is your time together – enjoy it honey, you obviously are xxx #DreamTeam

  6. I think the whole system in the UK is wrong anyway! In Holland children begin school literally the day after they turn 4. It is not just in September or January! The gradual entry of kids into school means the teacher can focus on welcoming and settling in 1 child at a time – brilliant! Also the first 3 years are based on learning through play and formal learning to read/write does not begin until group 3. This really suited my boys. Let them be little!!! #DreamTeam

  7. Oh I 100% agree – enjoy that extra year. I wish I could have had that with my 4 year old #DreamTeam

  8. I agree with you. Why not keep your child a child if you can. School isn’t going anywhere but childhood does..I have kids that are born in April, so they were the perfect age for school, 5 months extra bonus;).

  9. Becky says:

    I think it’s brilliant that you get to spend another year together. Time is precious. As someone who is sadly counting down the last few months of maternity leave, you should enjoy every moment while it lasts!
    Great read #DreamTeam

  10. Theres definitely pros to September babies. My eldest seemed little when she stsrted school and shes a may baby. Definitely enjoy them being little. Thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  11. Kerry says:

    Absolutely…let them be little for as long as you can! There’s plenty of school years ahead, I think she’ll benefit more from being at home for another year anyway! My daughter cannot wait to go to school (she’s 2), and asks me every day! #TwinklyTuesday

  12. Kerry says:

    Oooops…wrong hashtag! I meant #DreamTeam lol!

  13. Personally I think you are absolutely right not to try and rush her into school. Why would you start her early and undo all those good stats? Plus you only actually have her for an extra year compared to the July/August born children also starting in 2017, and I bet many of those parents would like to keep their children for longer but can’t! Pinky also starts next September and I have always been happy she is a March baby as she will be in the middle compared with her peers. She will be 4 soon and I can already see things starting to change from the threenager. But there is no way she would be ready for school as soon as she turned 4. 6 more months will really help.

  14. This is what I love about the idea of a September baby, you get them for that extra year before they start school, it would be awful for those with August birthdays, their baby has only just turned 4 and is off to school! I am happy my baby is a February baby because he’s still got plenty of time between his birthday and when he will start school. #DreamTeam

  15. Lucy says:

    Let them be little! They learn SO Much in the real word, never mind school, especially at such a young age. Enjoy it 🙂 #DreamTeam

  16. This is so lovely. My little lady was 4 in October so similar. She’ll be starting school nexy September and she will be totally ready. She is excited already. And you are right about the threenager thing passing. Kind of! 😉 #Dreamteam

  17. I think you should do what’s right for your family and hope you enjoy time with your lo

  18. I don’t see any reason for kids to start school before they’re ready – I started pre-school at 4 rather than 3 like most kids and I think I turned out okay! #DreamTeam

  19. I’m dreading the whole school issue, it seems so much more complicated since the days when I went! Ben is a may baby and I think that means he can skip the whole first year! It’s completely over my head right now!

  20. I always wanted a september baby! Now I want one even more! Your daughter is adorable 🙂 #DreamTeam

  21. I have a September baby too- screwed up the whole extra year thing though….she’s nine.


  22. Both of my two are September babies, and it has been a bit strange for Miss Tot this year as a lot of her little friends are a few weeks older than her and as such have started school this year. I’m thrilled that I get to keep her for an extra year though. They have the rest of their lives to go to school and work. I get to enjoy her and her brother for that bit longer and I love it. #DreamTeam xx

  23. Jaki says:

    I’ve got a December born so I’m in a similar boat to you. I’m so glad he will be one of the older ones next year because it makes such a HUGE difference. I’m a June baby so was one of the youngest in my year and there’s no way you can tell me that the age gap doesn’t make a difference. He will be more than ready by the time September comes around next year (not sure I will but that’s another story!) so for now I’m going to make the most of the extra time with my ‘baby’. They grow up quick enough before starting school, let alone when they’re there. Let them be little indeed. #dreamteam

  24. Having been through such turmoil with Eva for the last eight weeks, I so wish I had a September baby!! Four is far too young to be starting school, not only is she exhausted but she still isn’t ready to be parted from her Mummy. At the same time I have friends with September babies moaning that they are “stuck with them for another year!”. I love your post for all of the right reasons, enjoy that time together. #dreamteam

  25. ohmummymia says:

    Your girls is so lovely:) It’s awesome that you can spend another year together:)

  26. Mrs Lighty says:

    Just popping back from #DreamTeam! As I said on Facebook, I’ve got the opposite problem with Baby Lighty as he is June born! I hope it won’t affect him too much. How did your school visit go today? xxx

  27. Laura says:

    Great Post – After having a Late August child who i felt was really not ready to start school at age 4 years and 4 days but HAD to, i now have a late September born who is now 3 years old and i’m so glad hes not going to school next year. He needs the extra time at home with me so for him it has worked out very well!! #DreamTeam

  28. I couldn’t agree more. What’s the rush? People get very hung up on school years. Every child is so different anyway. Enjoy the time. Alison x #DreamTeam

  29. Intersting as it is different here in Australia. Our school year starts in early February and our age cut of starting school is they have to be turning 5 by 30th April if they are to start that Feb. My first daughter is May the 11th so that mean t she started school when she was 5 and turned 6 in May. My second daughter was born April the 3rd so I had the choice to start her at either age 4 and 3 quarters or wait until she was 5 and 3 quarters. I decided very early to hold her back a year which is the trend in Australia. Most hold back unless the child is exceptional sociable and also ready emotionally. The emotional benefits are probably one of the main reasons that schools suggest we hold them back. My son was born September like your child and here that is great month because it means when they start they are 5 and a half which works really well. All children are unique and us parents know them best! If you were in Australia you would be encouraged to hold hold her back until she was older xx #deamteam

  30. Good for you I say. She is your daughter and in this type of situation you know what is best for her, no so called experts are required.
    I understand that some may not have this choice due to financial constraints but if you do and it’s the right thing for your child then you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty.
    Thanks for sharing, this is am interesting topic. For the record, I think in the UK we send kids to school too early. But there are many factors that at present in our society make doing it later very difficult for parents.

  31. Amie says:

    I’m really excited for Amelia to start school (she’s only 19 months) just because I can help her with homework and she will be growing and learning in a different way which is all really great.. but then we are pretty attached to each other so I’m also dreading not having her around and what if she gets upset?!
    It’s true what they say, we really do need to let them be little and enjoy it for as long as possible! #DreamTeam

  32. One of my kiddies was born in September. It’s a great month. No way would I send a 4 year old to school. Two of mine are spring babies & I waited with my oldest to start when he was 5 & will do the same with our daughter. School is a lot to take on, it’s nice to let them be old enough to handle it. Thank you for sharing your post with us at #BloggerClubUK xx

  33. My son is April born and he seemed just the perfect age when he started school, mentally anyway, but emotionally he wasn’t quite ready. My daughter is August born so will be the youngest in her class when she starts in 2018 and I’m dreading it. I really wish she’d been born three weeks later then I’d get a whole year more with her, it just seems so wrong, I think kids start far too early as it is and are immediately put under pressure to hit certain targets. We definitely need to let kids be kids x

  34. Emma T says:

    I might be being thick, but surely she can’t start school yet anyway in reception because the school cut off is the end of August. So is it that people are saying it’s a bummer having an extra year or that you should be putting her in ahead of when she’s allowed to go? Or is it that people are suggesting she should be in pre-school?

    Interestingly, I have a friend with older children with one in July (like herself) and one a September birthday. She pointed out that for working parents, it’s better to have a summer baby in terms of cost because you can save on an extra year of childcare. Obviously now, there’s all the proof and people concerned about summer babies being behind – imo it totally depends on the child as I know plenty of summer borns I went to school with who did just as well as school and uni all the way through as Sep/Oct babies did. I also think being ready also depends on whether they have been at preschool or nursery – it does amaze me how many parents are surprised that their children don’t settle or are exhausted when they’ve never let their children be away from them and learning independence at nursery school. Yes they’re young, and they learn so much being out and about with parents, but there’s also a lot they learn from being with their peers and pre-school staff – just the simple things like eating without parents being there etc.

  35. Kat says:

    Very glad of my September born baby too, she’s found school a lot easier as a result I think. #DreamTeam

  36. Chloe Weir says:

    Very interesting post – my two were born in April and May so no experience but such a good read! #DreamTeam

  37. Helena says:

    An interesting post that made me think. #DreamTeam

  38. My daughter’s a May baby and now in Year 1. I always try to remember when she tells me that this kid is on a higher reading level and that kid is better at numeracy, that they’ve already had their 6th birthdays and she’s not 6 for another 6 months yet. You’d hope they were better at reading etc as they’ve had longer to practice! #dreamteam

  39. This is fab and I totally agree, I think a little extra time is fantastic when they are so young. Love these pics of LB too, such a cutie! xxx Thanks for hosting #dreamteam with me x

  40. Edward says:

    The extra time you’ll have with little button is something to cherish and take full advantage of #dreamteam

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