#Blogtober19 writing prompts

October 1, 2019


Hello October! It’s come around so fast hasn’t it? With the arrival of October comes #Blogtober, a brilliant month long writing prompt for bloggers. The idea is to flex your writing skills over the month by writing a blog post each day following a prompt list. It’s very informal and pretty much anything goes.


This year we are hosting the #Blogtober19 link up for the first time. So in honour of the occasion * and possibly because I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible.. coughs, I’ve written my own #Blogtober19 writing prompts. Feel free to join!



#Blogtober19 writing prompts




2 responses to “#Blogtober19 writing prompts”

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    What a fantastic set of prompts. I think I might have to borrow a couple.
    You are so organised. I’m just winging it and have no idea what I’m writing about next week. lol x

  2. Kate Holmes says:

    Got to love blog prompts. Some of these are fun and some will result in some powerful posts. #Blogtober19

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