You’ve Lost That Blogging Feelin’- Blogger Parody

June 23, 2018


Once in a blue moon I lose my blogging nerve and wonder how did I get here and what did I do to even deserve this. The Buttons blog. It’s hard to put into words (weird right?!). I guess it’s a feeling of not being bloggy good enough. Do you ever get that? Most of us spend a lot of time reading other blogs (because writers read a lot!), and it’s hard not to compare yourself to well… everyone! I try hard not to do this, but it does still hit me now and again. And whilst I always have way too much to say, and blog posts coming out of my ears… once that blogging feeling starts to slip away, it can be tricky to snap out of it. And even harder to remember that actually I do belong in this amazing blog world.



I wrote this parody to myself just after half term as a playful pick me up. *I’d taken a break to enjoy our family holiday, only to get back and find that it seemed like everyone else had been blogging (slogging) their butts off and more. Me to myself ‘why can’t you be more like that! You call yourself a blogger?’ Silly right!!



Ps. You need to play this song and sing the parody to the original tune for ‘You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ by the amazing Righteous Brothers.






You’ve Lost That Blogging Feelin’ – Blogging Parody


You don’t get excited anymore when you receive blog tips

And there’s no eagerness when your blogs at your fingertips

You’re trying hard not to show it

But blogging besties, they know it


You lost that blogging feelin’

Whoa, that blogging feelin’

You lost that blogging feelin’

Now it’s gone, gone, gone, woh


Now there’s no welcome look in your eyes when the PR’s reach for you

And now you’re starting to criticize little treats they send to you

You feel like crying

‘Cause baby, your blog stats are dyin’


You lost that blogging feelin’

Whoa, that blogging feelin’

You lost that blogging feelin’

Now it’s gone, gone, gone, woh


It’s really ok, try takin’ a social media break

Get back to just writing, relax, eat that big piece of cake

You had a love, a love, a love you don’t find everyday

So don’t you go and throw your amazing blog away


Bring back that blogging feelin’

Whoa, that blogging feelin’

Bring back that blogging feelin’

‘Cause it’s not completely gone

And deep down you know you can ‘bring it’ on, woh


Bring back that blogging feelin’

Whoa, that blogging feelin’

Bring back that blogging feelin’

‘Cause it’s not, gone, gone, gone

And this is where you truly belong.



32 responses to “You’ve Lost That Blogging Feelin’- Blogger Parody”

  1. Ha ha fab !!! Though we love your blog , lots #dreamteam

  2. I think you’ve coined a phrase here – we are sloggers for sure. No wonder we question ourselves and our choices often! xx

  3. I love a parody! I think we all feel like this sometimes. I also struggle for inspiration…. ALOT! #dreamteam

  4. Lol – love it and can relate to it soooo much 🙂

  5. Haha that’s bloody brilliant. I think we all go through periods of self-doubt and writer’s block. Just keep ploughing on through it!

  6. Haha! Really enjoyed this #dreamteam

  7. Kate says:

    Yes I think all blogger can empathise with this one. Only one person can ever be top blogger in the world and as my mum used to say when I came top in class that comes with its own challenges in terms of maintaining that position so who would want to be top blogger in the world anyway? Made me think of marriage too and how it can be that someone who used to make our heart sing becomes boring over time. Ignore me – in one of those moods right now. #DreamTeam

  8. So true… I get that loose that blogging on and off myself 🙂

  9. I think we all feel that way during the summer! Being pushed and pulled in different directions. Sometimes it’s good to having a bit of a break. Don’t ever feel you aren’t good enough x we love your blog x #DreamTeam x

  10. Nita says:

    This is great! I think we all struggle through times like this and just feel like second best to everyone else, I mean why would they read my blog anyway? But we all do this because we have a passion, sometimes it might be hard to see it, but it’s there. We just have to remind ourselves every now and then that we are brilliant, even if our stats don’t reflect that! #DreamTeam

  11. really great and so true #dreamteam

  12. … now it’s back, back, back! Nice one #DreamTeam

  13. Oh I love this!! This is exactly what’s been going on with me recently, but I’m trying to get that blogging feeling back! #DreamTeam

  14. Oh I go through this all the time! I’ve dropped down to posting every other week because I just cannot keep up with the blogging world of incredible mamas who someone squeeze five minutes into their day and write and incredibly intricate and informational posts every single day! Your blogs is one of the ones I am thrilled to read and look up to!
    Keep up the great work and stay strong!

  15. I can easily get ‘tipped’ out these days. #dreamteam

  16. Awesome! I think we all feel that way sometimes. Blogging is so much work and requires a lot of devotion. #DreamTeam

  17. That was fabulous, especially because just this week, I was rocking out in the car to this very song, smiling, dancing, singing, and making an arse of myself! Love this one, Annette! xoxo #dreamteam xoxo

  18. Berni says:

    I think self doubt creeps into all our heads every now and again. some of us more often than others. #dreamteam

  19. Helena says:

    This is something that all bloggers go through right?! #DreamTeam

  20. Kirsty says:

    I do love your parodies and the #DreamTeam

  21. I’ve found this year I’ve been less enthused but I guess thats what happens when it becomes your full-time job and you also have newborn twins to contend with! I’ve realised I’m loving the social media aspect of it a lot more and the actual blog aspect less so, but then maybe thats just because whenever I go to write its late at night and I’m exhausted! #dreamteam

  22. I think everyone gets doubts or evens burns out once in a while. Blogging has to stay fun or it turns into just another job. #dreamteam

  23. Heather Keet says:

    I used to write as the mood struck but I find if I don’t write a bit of something each day then I slowly lose the motivation. I now adhere to a strict schedule of writing, even if it is just scribbles I never publish. #DreamTeam

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