15 questions to ask yourself before giving up on your blog

February 11, 2019



If you’ve been on the blogging scene for more than 5 minutes, you’ll already know that once you’ve found the blogging community, you’ll be sucked up and cocooned into the hidden blogging world. And, before you know it, whether intended or not your blog will become EVERYTHING to you.


You can conquer the world with your blog

Cheered on, other bloggers will make you feel like you CAN conquer the world. And just maybe, if you’ve been going long enough, you will to some extent. Climbing the infamous blog rankings, getting your voice heard, and sometimes even branching out into radio, TV and books. Life of a blogger can be incredibly rewarding, and, can come with the most exciting perks and once in a lifetime opportunities.


But it’s a time sucker

But. No one will mention how much time it can suck out if you, if you let it. And I say ‘if you let it’ loosely, because like all good things in life, it can become an addiction that you are drawn to. Especially when it comes to staying in the stats game and being as visible as a spot on the end of your nose.


For many parenting bloggers, time isn’t on our side right from the word go. We have families to nurture, households to run and in many cases other jobs to go to. So, we end up burning the midnight oil to pursue our blogging passions and before you know it (months or even years down the line), you’re done with it.


Exhausted from the late nights and feeling like you’re working 2 jobs plus being a parent… you buckle. Fall out of love with your blog. And hastily pull the plug on hours and hours of hard work, joy and everything in between.


giving up on your blog


Do the bloggers that quit regret it?




Maybe not.


But if you’ve got to that stage where everything is getting too much and the words ‘I’m thinking of quitting my blog’ have just popped out, before any plug pulling is done ask yourself these questions. Just in case all is not lost after all.



15 questions to ask yourself before giving up on your blog


  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What’s the best thing about blogging?
  3. What’s the worst thing about blogging?
  4. What are your favourite things to blog about?
  5. What are your least favourite things to blog about?
  6. What takes up most of your time when blogging?
  7. What do you find most rewarding?
  8. What do you find least rewarding?
  9. Do you think you spend too little / enough / too much time writing?
  10. Do you think you spend too little / enough / too much time promoting your blog on social media?
  11. Do you think you spend too little / enough / too much time interacting with other bloggers and followers on social media?
  12. Do you think you spend too little / enough / too much time worrying and working on your stats?
  13. How has your blog evolved since you started it?


Now pause.


Reflect on your answers.


Then consider, what if you took away the negative points and the things that you don’t enjoy about blogging? What if you stopped worrying about the stats and brought your blog back to the reason it all started?



What to do, what to do?

Now no hasty pulling the plug on your blog just yet OK? Give yourself a bit of time. Let it sit there and see if you get twitchy fingers.


giving up on your blog


Blogging isn’t just about being a top influencer, racking in the money or keeping those stats on their toes. Sometimes we blog because we have to write. We have something to say. A story to tell. It’s OK  to let that competitive side go, and let your inner writer out, just for the sake of it.


Of course if you still feel the same, you should absolutely follow your gut instinct. Only you will know how much of your blog you need to let go. 


Have you ever thought about pulling the plug on your blog? If not, what’s your secret to finding a blog balance?





32 responses to “15 questions to ask yourself before giving up on your blog”

  1. Lydia C. Lee says:

    Basically, if your blog is not specifically to make an income, then you just tailor it to suit you. Do it when you can and the things you like. Money and offers and invites still come in – but not enough to live on. However, if you do it because you like it, then it’s still good. For me, it’s just my private pleasure. I put aside 6-7, and sometimes an hour here or there, and then just come and go as I like. I think if you do that, you can build it up more seriously when it suits. #Dreamteam

  2. This is so helpful and blogging is certainly a hobby or job that I’m sure many of us have considered giving up once in a while. It’s the time it takes that can be overwhelming sometimes, but it is worth it in the end 🙂

  3. Love this post! I have ummed and ahhed so many times but come to be comfortable with knowing I will never be a big time blogger and don’t really want to be either. I like writing for me, and enjoy the perks of blogging but don’t want to share every moment on Instagram, exploit my kids or “play the game”. I think so long as you enjoy blogging it’s worth it! x

  4. Sam says:

    It can be tough going as some people get a better chance for whatever reason but knowing your own journey and taking a step back and reflecting why you wanted to do it. Really great advice X #dreamteam

  5. Laurie says:

    LOVED this post, Annette! You are exactly right, most of us write because we have something we want to say, a story to tell, not because we think we are going to make big bucks blogging. It’s what keeps me going! I could identify with this completely and answered all the questions in my head.

  6. Blogging takes a lot of time, and I do think about the investment and all the things I “could do” with that time. When I think about quitting it’s because I’m wondering about doing something local that would impact on peoples’ lives in real life, rather than the virtual relationships I’m building on line.

  7. Never in it for the money, me … but available for commissions!! Hehe #DreamTeam

  8. Tracey Carr says:

    It’s such a great question to raise Annette as I, like many have considered many of your questions. I am happy to say that I have never considered quitting yet but I have definitely come to realise just how much work is involved and sometimes it does overwhelm me. But when I feel like that I normally walk away for a day or two to clear my head a bit and then I am ready to get back to it. It is a massive commitment and I can absolutely understand why some would feel like throwing the towel in #dreamteam

  9. I think we all question it once in a while. I have been at it for a year and still am enjoying it. When I no longer enjoy it then that is the time to be done.

  10. I think we all question it once in a while. I have been at it for a year and still am enjoying it. When I no longer enjoy it then that is the time to be done. #dreamteam

  11. Rosie Doal says:

    I think this is very useful and I’m sure many of us have questioned ourselves on whether we should continue. I know I have – especially when I can’t figure out why certain posts (which I feel are really special) don’t get the views. It can be disheartening. Then I remember why I started the blog in the first place – because I love writing and being creative x #DreamTeam

  12. I must say I love blogging but hate it too. It’s such a time suck, as you say. As a ‘parenting blogger’ I really should be spending more time with my kids that telling others on social media about them.

  13. Sophie says:

    I have thought about quitting as it takes up so much of my time. Then I realised that it’s up to me! I don’t have to be on Pinterest or join in with linkies or write posts. Now, I blog when I can. I’m on social media when I can. Blog because you love it not because you have to. I do think that the blogging world is shrinking as influencers on social media take much of the marketing jobs out there now. Blogging is hard work but if you accept that, then you will still find the time for it if you love it enough. #dreamteam

  14. Sonia Cave says:

    I have been there so many times!! After three years I have made very little headway and I get really down about the lack of visitors reading what I am passionately writing about and believing in. Each time I down tools for a few months, but always return and the stuff is literally bursting to get out of me….I need an outlet. I just wish I did not worry about numbers.

  15. This is definitely a pertinent post. I know of several bloggers who have seemed to lose their mojo recently. I occasionally wonder why I am writing this. Is anyone reading my stuff? How much of an impact am I making. But at the end of the day I am enjoying writing about what I write about. As one person says, once the fun goes, maybe it is time to stop. #DreamTeam

  16. Isabel says:

    Good question Annette, one of those dirty secret type of questions but yeah, doesn’t everyone of us question what the hell we are doing, spending all this time on somewhat of a flight of fancy? #dreamteam

  17. Fi Anderson says:

    A great post that every Blogger can relate to at one point or another… #DreamTeam

  18. Clare Minall says:

    Blogging is not forever. There were times that I almost give up. I asked myself how do I make money? Can I find a job instantly when I quit blogging? This is where I make money to support my kids. Don’t quit blogging unless you have other resources.

  19. Talya says:

    I won’t lie there have been many times I’ve thought about doing this in the four years I have – I think it’s only natural! But I’m glad I didn’t…

  20. Bec Jones says:

    I think the most important thing to think about is WHY you are blogging? for me – it’s not really about making an income, it’s about improving my writing, my photography and tech skills (which have come in very handy at work) – you’re right though it is a real time sucker – I have often fallen back on writing lists and using photos in order make sure I blog at least once a week. Otherwise I go with the flow and try to focus on improving my blog –

  21. I do enjoy it but like you say, it does require a lot of time. I’ve considered stopping several times if I’m honest but I’m still going for now!

  22. Laura Dove says:

    I love this and there have been points where I’ve thought about it, but I just couldn’t give up on my baby and I am so glad I didn’t! I think the ones who quit are the ones who have unreal expectations about the rewards. You’re never going to reap the rewards unless you put the time and work in, it’s hard bloody work but it can pay off absolutely!

  23. Steph says:

    My is my time balance, I can’t get it right! Something always has to give and I get so frustrated

  24. I think at some point we all get overwhelmed by the time commitment and get sucked into bloggers envy looking at those that are taking off and making money. Remembering why you started in the firsts place is crucial. I think many of those that drop out quickly were expecting to make money right off the bat, something very difficult to do #dreamteam

  25. Rachel Jones-Wild says:

    As a new blogger this post is really reassuring. Makes me really think about my blogging process.

  26. Great advice! It is so easy to give up when most are so closet to a breakthrough. Don’t give up mamas! You can work from home and live your dream life.

  27. I have thought about quitting, in
    fact I’ve actively cut down on the number of posts I create this year. As a result it has freed up much needed time making the blog less of a chore again.

  28. Heather Keet says:

    I blog for the love of writing. I never watch my stats, I don’t even think about SEO, and I promote on social media most weeks… and never stress about the weeks I don’t. I think that’s how I’ve lasted 6 years in blogging. I don’t have the huge following that some have built, I don’t have the articles in magazines, and I’ve never won an award – but I still love it. I have met many friends in this world and I hope to meet many more, and that’s enough to keep me typing away. #DreamTeam

  29. Good questions, and you’re absolutely right that blogging can be a serious time sucker. I do get a lot of joy out of it though, so wouldn’t really want to be without it… Also hoping that sharing our journey can be of some help/inspiration to others, hopefully xx #DreamTeam

  30. Kirsty says:

    It is easy to get sucked in and then get in a flap because you didn’t get that post done yet etc.. etc…, but whenever I do that I always have the voice of reason that is the husband to remind me I do this because I want to and not because I have to. Sensible advice in this post which I can use as another voice of reason!! #DreamTeam

  31. Crummy Mummy says:

    Six years in it hasn’t come to this for me yet, but I imagine one day I will have to consider it – that or change the name to Confessions of a Crummy Granny! #DreamTeam

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