To My Brightest Button, For Your 5th Birthday

September 24, 2017


Time flys when you are having fun. And my gorgeous Little Button, we have been having a blast. I knew that your 5th birthday would leap out of nowhere and surprise me. Even though you have been waiting to be 5 forever… well actually since last year in fact, but forever for you.




You are so proud of your accomplishment in getting to 5 years old and already can’t wait for the big 6. Though you have only barely been in your 5 year old self for a heartbeat.


The past year has probably been the most turbulent we’ve had together. You’ve been steadily finding more and more confidence and with that has come the flurry of stubbornly shouted ‘no’s’, ‘won’ts’ and ‘well…why don’t you do it’s’. I won’t lie, in the moment it can be tough. But, secretly I’m so pleased that you have this lions roar when you want to use it and a keenness in knowing what you want and working out how to get it. My expert little negotiator.


You are not naughty. And I hope you can forgive me for the times I have said that you are in the heat of the moment. You are inquisitive and love using experimental ways of finding out an answer. A little scientist in the making perhaps.




What would happen if there were waves in the bath you have pondered?


Which toys would bounce and not break if dropped down the stairs? Does cake dissolve in milk? All quests in seeking answers in the best possible way… trying it out to see what happens.



You have grown so much in this last year. With one thing sticking like glue. Your kindness, which shines out of you like sunbeams. I’m pretty sure it’s a built in quality that’s never going to leave you. You make me so incredibly proud.




So, my beautiful girl, I’m sadly and very reluctantly waving goodbye to the 4 year old you. But I can’t wait for the twinkly surprises that the 5 year old you no doubt will bring.


Stay kind. Be strong. And never forget that you are completely and utterly loved. x



43 responses to “To My Brightest Button, For Your 5th Birthday”

  1. Heather Keet says:

    This was so sweet! I love the bathtub cartoon! #DreamTeam

  2. Happy fifth birthday Little Button! They grow up so fast, don’t they? #dreamteam

  3. Chloe says:

    Such a lovely post to dedicate to your daughter. So does cake dissolve in milk? Love the bath picture #dreamteam

  4. Gorgeous letter to your little girl. She sounds like a real sweetie and a credit to you. Love your bath drawing, it looks all too familiar! #dreamteam

  5. Mrs Lighty says:

    Oh this is beautiful Annette! Gorgeous Little Button! Happy 5th birthday, I’ve loved getting to know you through your Mum’s lovely words! xxx #DreamTeam

  6. Jane is so keen to grow up – she won’t be 5 until April but I know it will be too quick. #dreamteam

  7. awww what a heartwarming post to read, happy 5th birthday to your daughter X #dreamteam

  8. What a beautiful post to your beautiful girl. 5 is such a precious age. #DreamTeam

  9. Jaki says:

    Awww adorable! My Little Man is 5 in December so I relate to this a great deal. #dreamteam

  10. Time just whizzes past, doesn’t it? One minute they are little babies snuggled up in your arms and the next they are 5!!! Have a happy birthday little button.
    And the bath-time cartoon is hilarious;)

  11. Mama Grace says:

    A cutie. Looks like she loves bedtime. #DreamTeam

  12. Such a lovely post and way to document your daughter growing up. It flashes by in the blink of an eye. Happy Birthday little button xx

  13. Beautiful post. Happy birthday to your little button. Mine just turned 3 but the way you describe your daughter I can tell they are a lot alike. I’m guessing I’ll have all to look forward to. #DreamTeam

  14. Kim Scotland says:

    A lovely post. The bathtime cartoon is really cute 🙂 #DreamTeam

  15. Catherine says:

    Aww so lovely! Love the bathroom drawing! happy birthday to your little girl, such a lovely Post! #dreamteam

  16. Happy birthday little lady, that bathroom photo is adorable! #dreamteam

  17. This is adorable. What a beautiful little girl you have! #DreamTeam

  18. Happy Birthday little button x Can’t wait to follow your adventures in your 5th year x What a lovely heartfelt letter x #DreamTeam

  19. Happy birthday Little Button. Its can be a little difficult when you want to encourage them to be confident and independant but also have to deal with trying to get them to do the things you ask, but the rewards are well worth it #dreamteam

  20. Happy birthday little one, crazy how quickly they grow! #DreamTeam

  21. Happy birthday to your daughter – what a lovely message.#DreamTeam

  22. Sarah says:

    What a lovely post! Adore your bath time picture (Lol) it looks just like my bathroom at bath time!

  23. Ky says:

    Oh this is lovely! They grow so quickly! Love the drawing of bathtime, it’s a bit like that in our house and shes only 3! Dread to imagine what she will be like at 5. x #dreamteam

  24. fridgesays says:

    #dreamteam this is a wonderful post full of love. Many happy returns to your little poppet. Enjoy the celebrations.

  25. Happy 5th Birthday. The days are long but the years are short. Is a saying I only really understoof once I became a mom. #DreamTeam

  26. Wishing one of my very favourite 5 year olds a wonderful year of fabulous fivedom. Your little Button is such a huge credit to you Annette. Beautiful post. (Runs off to see if cake actually does float in milk…) x

  27. Sumra Hassan says:

    Lovely post of your beautiful flower. Wishing her all the best and more years of exploring. #dreamteam

  28. Su says:

    I love this, brought a tear to my eye. Happy Birthday sweetie!

  29. Aw so sweet! When we reflect on our little ones (especially when they reach 5!) we realise they’re not naughty or rude but, like you say, inquisitive and gaining confidence. Hope she had a wonderful birthday! #dreamteam

  30. Louise says:

    Happy Birthday Little Button, you will soon realise that you don’t want to wish those years away!! Enjoy being 5 🙂 #dreamteam

  31. Happy birthday beautiful girl x

    Stopping by from #dreamteam

  32. A lovely letter! Hope Little Button has a wonderful day!

  33. I always forget to include the hashtag! #dreamteam

  34. Aleena Brown says:

    Haha she definitely sounds like a whirlwind! I have a 3 1/2 one f those here, they sound very alike! Happy birthday big girl! #dreamteam

  35. Wendy says:

    Happy 5th birthday!! This is a gorgeous post, definitely one to look back on together xx #dreamteam

  36. It’s so funny how as soon as they see a Birthday over they are looking forward to the next one. Lovely words to your daughter x

  37. Lucy At Home says:

    Aaaw happy birthday, little one! I have one who likes to “experiment” too and it can be hard not to get cross but, like you say, they are learning and we don’t want to inhibit their curiosity. #dreamteam

  38. Helena says:

    Wow 5 already! May she continue to sparkle in life. #DreamTeam

  39. Such a beautiful letter. I have a little girl who is very headstrong and knows what she wants, and as as hard as it can be from a day to day parenting perspective, I love that feistiness and know it will serve her well as she gets older x

  40. Awww this is so gorgeous! Happy birthday (better late than never) little one and spread that kindness as much as possible #dreamteam

  41. Nicola says:

    The big 5! It seems such a huge milestone! My daughter is 7 next month and I really don’t know how that happened. My earliest really clear memories are from when I was 7 and that was a long time ago! #dreamteam

  42. Great bath picture! My youngest enjoys pouring water all over the floor (I’m desperately hoping he’ll grow out of it soon!) #dreamteam

  43. Aww happy 5th birthday little one, she sounds like a lovely little girl, you must be very proud. xx #DreamTeam

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