What to buy a 4 year old Girl for Her Birthday

September 10, 2016


Little Button is about to turn 4 years old! For the last week I have been asking myself how this could have happened? It really does feel like just yesterday that she was errrmmm…. well… born!


What to buy a 4 year old


Being a bloggers daughter through and through, it’s pretty tricky to find something new and exciting to buy that she has not seen or played with already. Through the wonderful opportunities our blog has brought us, she has become a touch partial to new lines, limited editions and special one offs. Ekkk! Not that we are complaining, far from it.



What to buy a 4 year old girl for her birthday?

Here are a few things that have caught our eye over the last few months. All of these picks are things that we have come across ourselves online or window shopping. If you spot any that you already have yourself, let me know what you think and if your little one loved them!



Let’s Play Dolly’s

Little Button LOVES dolly’s, especially her gorgeous Corolle Dolly from Petalina Dolls. She plays with her every day and has recently been asking if she could get some new clothes and nappies for her. Given our love for the beach, I think this super cute outfit would be perfect.


What to buy a 4 year old



Little Lady

It’s no secret that Little Button loves all things girly and pink. She lives in dresses and will only wear a t shirt if it has been matched with an ultra girly swirly skirt. I have very recently come across an online shop called Angel’s Face who have the most gorgeous range. These are my top picks.

What to buy a 4 year old

What to buy a 4 year old



Game Girl

All of a sudden, Little Button has got into games. She still likes to make the rules up as she goes along, but she relishes family time around the kitchen table with a good giggle inducing board game. I love Orchard Toys as they capture her imagination. Who remembers this one?


What to buy a 4 year old



Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I know that Little Button would swoon for this stunning dressing table from the oh-so-stylish Great Little Trading Co. I mean… who wouldn’t. Oh to be young again!


What to buy a 4 year old




Sweet Dreams

‘Can I pleeeeeeaaaasssseeeee have an up down bed muuummm eee’. Admittedly, this took a long time to decipher that actually, Little Button is after a cabin bed. But not just any cabin bed… a pretty cabin bed. With an eye-wincing average £1,500 + price tag, at first I thought, not ruddy likely! However, thank goodness for the brilliant and much more affordable Noa & Nani. We have all fallen in love with this one.


What to buy a 4 year old



What do you think? Personally I would like to opt for the beautiful Noa & Nani treehouse cabin bed, I might just fit if I hold my breath 😉



Disclosure: This is not a collaborative post, nor have I received any of these products to review. All views are my own. *With the help of Little Button.

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6 responses to “What to buy a 4 year old Girl for Her Birthday”

  1. ShireDad says:

    My daughter is 4 in a few months and we’ve suddenly got into games too. The Orchard Toys range is a favourite and we’ve picked up a few of them cheaply at charity sales. Tummy Ache is our current favourite – T just loves shouting ‘tummy ache’.
    We’re also looking at a new bed. A friend has a great one with a den underneath so it’s definitely time to get something more fun.

  2. I have an almost four year year old too. I’m loving your suggestions. They are bang on! We recently got the Ikea Kura bed for her room and decorated the ‘den’ part with lights and book shelves. She couldn’t be happier! Happy 4th birthday to your little one!

  3. Amie says:

    That bed is really amazing! #bloggerclubuk

  4. Jackie says:

    I Love the bed and the dressing table. I would love to buy them for myself hahaha. I can’t wait for my daughter to be 4 so we can create a dream room like the one you are planning 🙂 #marvmondays

  5. Stacie says:

    Oh, I LOVE that cabin bed. How wonderful! Also, the frilly tutu is to die for. I’d wear it! #MarvMondays

  6. Oh my, that treehouse cabin bed is gorgeous! I just had to click into it soo see just how much it was and was really pleasantly surprised. Our little one is after a mid sleeper bed too after seeing them at GLTC recently. I defintely vote for the treehouse bed if you need convincing 😉 I cant wait to hear what you go for. Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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