On your first day of year 2

September 16, 2019



*A little bit later than planned… but here it is.



Dear Little Button


Are you sure you’re meant to be going into year 2? You’re sure, sure? Because how is it possible that you’ve grown so quickly in what feels like the shortest space of time? Surely you can’t be going into the last year of infants just yet? 


But you are. 


And you’re more than ready. You have been for quite a while.



This summer you offer me the briefest flash of your playgroup self when we catch not a single crab on our first go at crabbing! A crinkled face of utter disappointment that I want to kiss better. But no kisses are needed. With a flick of your hair you’re composed in an instant. Reasoning that actually- maybe the crabs aren’t hungry anymore? We’ll just try again another day.


I see a glimpse of your reception year self – running along the beach. Beach hair streaming and matted with not a care in the world. You turn showing me your impish wide grin. Running in one direction and looking in the other! I smile back, hiding my ekkk face. Trying not to yell ‘look where you’re going?!!!’ Trying not to break that carefree summer spell.


The morning of being a flower girl for your treasured ‘uncle Button’ in mid-August shows me your year 1 self. Meticulously checking your dress in the mirror. Wanting to do things absolutely perfectly. Not completely satisfied until everything is just so. Nervous excitement escapes as you chatterbox your way all the way to the church. Your year 1 uncertainty showing as the big girls take your hand for your bridesmaid duties.


But then I see you. We all do. And there’s a little ‘awww’ sound. Confidently walking up the church aisle and stepping beautifully in time with the music. Composed, beaming and ready for for anything. Your year 2 self. Whether you know it or not.


You are ready. 


And we are so incredibly proud of you.





whilst your tummy might be doing fizzy dizzy reception year flip flops the night before your big day back to school (a bit like mine). And the must do it perfect year 1 habit kicking in this morning (as it does from time to time – we’ll work on that). We know that those are just ever so fleeting moments that will melt away as soon as you walk through the school gates. 


I say walk… but I know you’ll be running (hopefully looking in the same direction you’re going in!). Dashing in to see your beloved teacher who’s moving up from year 1 to year 2 with you. And keen to see all your little friends after the holidays.


So I suppose all that’s left to say is….. 


Good-bye year 1 Little Button. Hello year 2 (not so little anymore) Little Button. Xx



On your first day of year 2




17 responses to “On your first day of year 2”

  1. Lydia C. Lee says:

    How sweet….it really is the joy of parenthood – watching them grow up! #Dreamteam

  2. Sounds like she’s doing great, and will smash it. All is well #DreamTeam

  3. Oh…
    My grandkids are turning 2 and 5 this month, so this piece resonates for me in a huge way! They change so quickly!

  4. Infants seem to go so fast, one second they’re in reception and the next second they’re top infants. My eldest is now in year 4 so that means next year we’ll have to start looking at secondary schools!!! #DreamTeam

  5. Year 2 is a lovely age. Enjoy every minute #DreamTeam

  6. Tracey Carr says:

    Aww Annette, your daughter is so lucky to have such a lovely tribute written to her by her mum! They don’t realise how much we breathe in every single little thing they do and every change they go through. But some day they will! #dreamteam

  7. What a lovely way to reflect on how she’s developing from early years to infants, so sweet #dreamteam

  8. Emma says:

    It really does go so fast! Having a school starter has hit me like a tonne of bricks…we’re (slowly) getting into a routine. My baby turns one next month too – how has that happened? I’m sure she’s loving year 2 and will make you even more proud of how she’s growing! #DreamTeam

  9. Kirsty says:

    Awh! This is so cute. It is so true that you can still see glimpses of the little ones that they were. I still see this in my 8 year old too. My younger son is also just starting year 2 and it is amazing to see him start to get more mature in his approach to learning whilst still being his cheeky self! #DreamTeam

  10. Heather Keet says:

    Awwww! This is so sweet and I love the cartoon at the end! #DreamTeam

  11. Crummy Mummy says:

    Love the picture at the end! Hope it went well! #DreamTeam

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