Super last second Valentines Day gift ideas for bloggers

February 13, 2019


If you have JUST realised that Valentine’s Day is in fact tomorrow (eekkkk!) try these last second Valentines Day gift ideas for the blogger in your life.


Last second Valentines Day gift ideas


Super last second Valentines Day gift ideas for bloggers


The gift of ‘blog time’

There is never enough time for blogging when you’re a parent. So, why not treat your loved one to the gift of ‘blog time’. This could mean taking charge of doing ‘bath and bedtime’ for a week. Doing All the evening chores after bedtime for a few days. Or dedicating a few Saturday or Sunday afternoons to whipping everyone out of the house to give them some guilt-free blog time – you’ll get the biggest brownie points for this one!


*You can download and print these if you like.


Last second Valentines Day gift ideas


Last second Valentines Day gift ideas


Last second Valentines Day gift ideas



A new blog theme

Everyone LOVES a new blog theme! Even just little changes can completely refresh a blog. Picking a theme is like picking out a new pair of shoes. So an ‘I owe you’ would probably be the best way to go – unless you know they are totally in love with a particular designer…. like, let’s say PipDig (#thisIsNotAnAd). They can get quite expensive, so it may be worth while setting a budget to avoid disappointment.


A new blog header

*Swoon* There’s something so delicious about a new blog header. It always feels a tad naughty- because you know you might not really ‘need’ one. But nonetheless the satisfaction of something beautifully designed just for you is awesome. There are some lovely designers about like Ellie Illustrates and Daydreams and Ice Creams, so again, an I owe you will probably go down a treat.


Chocolates and flowers

And if all else fails, there’s always the chocolates and flowers from the local supermarket 😉 – it’s the thought that counts right?


Happy Valentine’s Day!





6 responses to “Super last second Valentines Day gift ideas for bloggers”

  1. Jenni says:

    Ooh, I love these ideas! We’re in Japan for Valentines Day, as Scottish schools are on holiday, and here only the women give chocolates to men in Valentines day.My husband got me some Japanese sweets anyway though 🙂

  2. sonia cave says:

    Loving those voucher gifts of blogging time. I am always trying to squeeze in a moment here and there. Now I just need to leave this post open on the computer to be “discovered” 😉

  3. Marie says:

    I really love this idea! Time is actually so precious it really is a great gift. I’m definitely going show this to the other half.

  4. Anosa says:

    I think a gift of blogging time would have been such a wonderful and useful gift for myself definitely.

  5. All perfect ideas for a blogger! I am single so might have to treat myself! Hope you had a good one. Kaz

  6. I love these ideas and all so perfect for an blogger, either just starting out or established!

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