Where did this cold come from?!

May 19, 2015

We are currently knee deep in toddler-cold-tissues. Each time one springs up it miraculously takes us by surprise. At the beginning of the week I am fairly sure I gasped (at my husband) exclaiming how I have absolutely no idea WHERE this cold could have come from, as if it were something that our toddler could have ‘picked up’ such as a flea from a rogue cat.


I know the signs… like most mums do. You suddenly realise that your toddler has been cold germ free for a good few months. Perhaps it’s the ‘I will only eat oranges for dinner’ phase you marvel, whilst making a pact to sneak in a few more fruity segments at snack time. Maybe it’s because you missed a few soft play trips, instead, opting for outside picnics and nature walks… who needs soft play?! Or maybe you just reckon its sheer bloody luck, after all it’s definitely your turn to have some. Whilst congratulating yourself on being brilliant (naturally) you all gleefully enjoy a few more days of bliss.

Then as if fate has been tempted… the sneezing starts.

A tickling sprinkle of little sneezes fill the morning on day one (must be dust).
Day two the little ticklers seem to have increased to lasting well into the afternoon (of course – it’s hay fever!).

Then finally, by day three your sweet tempered little flower starts to resemble fungus the boogeyman and you realise that ‘you spoke too soon’!!

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