Homemade seaside in a box

May 30, 2015


It was a bit drizzley outside and far too late for an adventure to the park so I thought I would give Chloe’s ‘homemade sand in a box’ a go.

My husband thought the idea was hilarious!

Catching me with an old bag of plain flour and vegetable oil in hand, I could see him trying to keep in giant snorts of laughter at the idea of ME ‘making sand’.

Having every faith in a fellow parenting blogger, I dug out a large sized tupperware box and threw in the flour. I wasn’t planning to make the play sand today, so made do with half a small bag of the plain stuff that had been sat at the back of our cupboard for a month or so (always check for weebles – those little critters that appear in old flour- before using!).

I quickly gave husband a ‘this is not exactly science’ look (well… that’s what I was aiming for) before carefully glooping in some vegetable oil.

Don’t panic… (she says – after doing just that).

It will look at bit odd at first but don’t worry, it won’t go all doughy. Give it a swirl, then gently rub with your finger tips as if making breadcrumbs – it really only takes a couple of minutes.

Once it’s all mixed together, give it a feel… if it feels like soft sand, sticks together when you squish it together (try making a mini sandcastle) and its a pale shade of yellow – then it’s ready. Too chalky? Add a bit more oil. Too gloopy – you put to much in so you will need to add more flour or start again.

I added a few choice toys and hey presto…. a homemade seaside in a box.




Little Button absolutely loved her mini seaside. She had great fun playing with her Peppa pig characters in the homemade sand and pretending they were all on holiday. Even Daddy Button got stuck in building mini sand castles and joining in with the Peppa pig seaside adventure.

This is a very low cost, quick and easy messy play activity to set up. Ideal for younger children, and great to have up your sleeve for a rainy day to engage older children.

Many thanks to Chloe from Life Unexpected for this excellent idea.


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