Our toddler puddle suit epic fail

June 2, 2015


Toddler puddle suit epic fail


Yesterday afternoon it rained huge big fat raindrops. The type that gets you drenched in places you never realised possible. The necessity of walking home in the shortish raincoat my flower was wearing required a rethink. Aha… the emergency puddle suit! Before she could protest I had whipped it out and shimmied her into it. Omg, I hope it’s not too big still – crumbs it is way too big still! Rolling up the legs and arms until she started to resemble the Michelin Man, I ushered her out the door before she could refuse.

‘Hooraa hooooora!’ she cheered – thank goodness for that – ‘puddles mummy… lots of puddles!’. She trotted down the pavement happily before turning a screwed up, extremely wet little face to me. ‘It’s raining on my head mummy’ she squinted through the rain.

Its ok – her hood had fallen down. Actually, no…. wait it hadn’t!!!

When I had put her hood on she had been looking up towards me. Now with her head in a normal (well… what’s normal for a toddler) position I could clearly see that her barely-there minimal hood did not make it fully over her head. Great!

‘Don’t worry, the rain will make you grow taller’ I bluffed to keep her happy.

How is this possible! The puddle suit is too big for her, so how on earth could the hood be way too small. I hadn’t noticed before as on previous use it had swamped her. I am fairly sure she doesn’t have an enormous head!? I took a second glance just to make sure… as you do.

By the time we got home I would have to say that our toddler suit was an ‘epic fail’, I honestly wish I hadn’t bothered getting her into it in the first place. I am wondering why a company would produce a fab water tight puddle suit, only to go and spoil it all by adding a very tiny hood. She might as well have been wearing a paper plate on her head.

If anyone can recommend a great puddle suit with a generous hood I would love to hear from you!



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10 responses to “Our toddler puddle suit epic fail”

  1. Oh no!!! What a shame, especially since she seemed to like it bless her!! What a poor design fail 🙁 #whatevertheweather

  2. Don’t worry I have a big head too! We’ve had a couple of rain suits in the past and they haven’t fitted properly either. We love big FAT RAIN! It’s such fun to play in! Looks like you guys had a great time! #Whatevertheweather

  3. I love your description as a Michelin man with a plate on her head. It did have me laughing. My son has a fat head. Only I am allowed to say that though. We have a nightmare with hoods and getting t-shirts over his head. Hope you have better luck in the next rain shower – there are plenty on their way. #whatevertheweather

  4. wendy says:

    Aww no, how annoying! What’s the point the rest of you being nice and dry if your head is soaking? Maybe you need to buy her a cute little umbrella (or is a toddler and a brolly a really bad idea?). My boy has a lovely splash suit with generously sized hood, it is from Trespass or a similar kind of out doorsy shop. xx #whatevertheweather

  5. Chloe says:

    Oh no, how annoying that the hood is way too small. You really need to try out ‘Wet Wednesdays’ it’s the company we’re running a competition with at the moment and I can honestly say their kozi kidz clothes are amazing and the hoods are the perfect size and detachable!!! I have no gain from promoting them like this, but we have some of the clothes ourselves and we are in awe!!! They are so cheap too. They withstand all weathers and they little ones are bone dry underneath and the hoods are fabulous!!! I’m glad you still had a good time regardless.Thank you so much for sharing this on #whatevertheweather x

  6. Jenny says:

    Oh no! I’ve had the same problem with some jackets, the hoods are so small! I agree with Chloe, our Kozi Kidz fleece lined jackets, dungarees and all-in-1 suits are great, the hoods are fantastic, probably a bit too big for my small headed boys, but you can fold them back so they aren’t in the way. Have a look at Wet Wednesday’s website and we are running a competition with #Whatevertheweather linky this month to win clothing from their site.
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 xx

  7. […] our toddler puddle suit epic fail and raincoat zip rip incident I had completely given up on waterproofs. ‘What’s the […]

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