Inspire Me – Laugh Often

July 30, 2016


Like most families we have had our ups and downs this summer. Most notably, we were so excited to be getting our windows done at the beginning of June. Yay!


Except… nay.


It all went horribly wrong.


Inspire Me - Laugh Often



It’s the end of July and not one window has been finished and our upstairs floor at the front of our house has dropped down Ekk!!!


Kipping in the home office with Little Button might be her idea of glamping heaven… but sleepless nights since June is not mine. It’s been high stress all round and at the moment there is no end in sight.


I am fairly sure that if we didn’t laugh about it, we would all be in tears permanently.


Inspire Me - Laugh Often



Laugh Often

Whilst laughter cannot fix our window problem, a good bout of belly laughter does make us feel that much better. And, with Little Button around we are never short of the giggles.



5 reasons why you should laugh often




So… when things get a bit much, try cracking a smile and let out some laughter. See if it helps.




Inspire Me Series

I love how quotes can make you feel uplifted and ready for anything. Throw in a sparkly graphic or two and there you have something gorgeous that’s shareable, printable and ready to go when you need it the most. Enjoy!

This quote is part of my  ‘INSPIRE ME’ series. If you liked this one, then you might also enjoy:


One response to “Inspire Me – Laugh Often”

  1. Oh no!! Nightmare about the windows, but I so agree – I struggle sometimes at the moment as I have 3 kids under 3 and it can get very difficult but my current mantra is “As long as I laugh with each child every day, at least once…we’re all good”…it definitely helps! #BloggerClubUK

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