Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Feeling Like You Must Always Be Perfect

March 17, 2018


I’m not sure whether it’s a ‘thinkers’ trait, but at the back of my mind I always want things to be done perfectly. The trouble is, you can’t be perfect all the time in everything, and there comes a point where your own version of perfect doesn’t feel… ermm perfect enough anymore. And that’s where the trouble can begin.


When I think back to my first year of blogging, what started out as a bit of fun quickly turned into serious business where my ‘must be perfect’ head took over. I could spend hours perfecting an already finished and polished blog post. Then further hours going back over it again after it had been published, tweaking it here and there, when in actual fact, it was fine as it was. My brain aches just thinking about how much unnecessary pressure I would put myself under.



Letting Go Of The Perfect

Those feelings of not being good enough can creep in when you are constantly looking to out-do your already very best. It’s just not good for our well being. Finding a balance is important and learning to let things go and not over working something that’s already finished is probably a good idea, particularly when it comes to things which should be fun.



Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Feeling Like You Must Always Be Perfect

Here are a few of my favourite quotes that set me back on track when I start to over think things in the pursuit of constant perfection.


Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Feeling Like You Must Always Be Perfect



Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Feeling Like You Must Always Be Perfect



Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Feeling Like You Must Always Be Perfect



Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Feeling Like You Must Always Be Perfect



Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Feeling Like You Must Always Be Perfect



And Breathe

Did they help? I hope they did.


Do you have any favourite quotes that remind you that your own perfect is good enough?






33 responses to “Quotes To Help You Let Go Of Feeling Like You Must Always Be Perfect”

  1. Kayleigh says:

    Great quotes, my favourite quote at the moment is ‘the guilt of feeling like you are a bad mum means that you are probably a great one!’ Just feels apt now I’m back at work and have the constant mum guilt! #dreamteam

  2. Chloe says:

    Hi, I enjoyed reading this post this morning. I think we have all been there when we started blogging. All good f the quotes are thought provoking in a nice way. My favourite is life doesn’t have to be prefect to be wonderful #dreamream

  3. I think as Ive got older Ive learnt not to strive for perfect but still aim for as good as I can do every day. Sometimes as good as I can do is bloody awesome (my crochet work, my ability to ace tests) sometimes as good as I can do is probably somebody elses terrible (on the days when getting out of bed is hard). #dreamteam

  4. I love reading inspirational quotes, just lifts the spirit up #DreamTeam

  5. Louise says:

    I often find myself unable to start writing because I have convinced myself that I won’t have time to make it perfect or even good enough. I will be keeping some of these quotes close by to inspire me next time that happens. Thank you #dreamteam

  6. Thanks for the inspirational quotes. I’m tempted to print a couple off and stick them on the edge of my computer screen. ….just need to finish re-finishing an already ok post first! #DreamTeam

  7. I think a perfect life is far from wonderful! Great reminders. #dreamteam

  8. Oh I needed to read this today! I’ve entered the nesting phase but with SPD, breathlessness and being a pregnant whale, I’m struggling to get anything done that isnt online shopping! This makes me feel a lot better, thank you! #dreamteam

  9. Chloe Wood says:

    Love these! We really do need to speak to ourselves more positively #DreamTeam

  10. Soffy says:

    Great post. I think I’ve reached a point in blogging where I think everyone else’s blog looks super duper perfect than mine and I’m always thinking of ways to ‘perfect’ it even though it shouldn’t matter really. So this post couldn’t have come at a better time to make me feel good so thank you xx #DreamTeam

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

  11. Great quotes. Reading quotes is a good way to stay positive and relieve some stress. I always keep in mind “as long as you do your best, there are no regrets.” #dreamteam

  12. Fantastic selection of quotes to make you feel more realistic about life and not so hard up about being perfect X #dreamteam

  13. Love these. Just the little boost I needed. #dreamteam

  14. Tubbs says:

    Some lovely quotes here 🙂 Thank you for sharing

  15. Julie Downes says:

    Great quotes! #dreamteam

  16. Kirsty says:

    I wish I read this before I spent most of the evening reworking an old post! #dreamteam

  17. I’m currently working on creating better pins for my blog… and I can’t stop trying to get everything perfect. Sometimes we really do need to just keep going and breathe! #dreamteam

  18. “Real is not perfect” is one of my favorite mantras. When I get wrapped up in the Pinterest-Perfect moms out there who seem to have it all together, I remind myself that it’s a shell and you have no idea what kind of struggles you aren’t seeing.
    Thank you for these positive mantras for today.

  19. Red Rachel says:

    Striving for perfection is always at the back of my mind. I really struggled when I returned to work part time after having my little girl. As I went back part time (3 days per week mon – wed), when I return to the office on a Monday morning after being off for 4 days it took me a while to get back into the swing of things and get up to speed with what had happened since I’d been away. I found it really difficult not being involved in everything and knowing answers to peoples questions first thing on a Monday morning. I felt like I was doing a really bad job but in the end had to give myself a break and realise I couldn’t know everything if I wasn’t there or involved and had just to accept it or I would drive myself mad. Perfection was not possible! I think people waste so much time trying to be perfect that they miss the important things. Life is too short, you can only do what you can do.

  20. I love these quotes, a good reminder to relax a bit in the bid for perfection! My friend always tells me to have faith in what will be, it’s a little saying I go back to when I’m feeling a bit hopeless! #dreamteam

  21. Kate says:

    Perfectionism has blighted the first half of my life and I have resolved not to allow it to wreck the second half. I like the second quote best by the way #DreamTeam

  22. Good to remember that perfection can be what you want it to be. Mistakes allow for growth and change. Life wouldn’t be fun if everything went to plan! #dreamteam

  23. Love these. It’s always important to step back and get a bit of perspective. When I feel like I am not being the ‘perfect’ Mum my mantra is ‘a bad day does not make you a bad mum’ #DreamTeam

  24. I love a positivity quote and these are right up my street as I waste so much time striving for perfection when actually it’s not needed (or possible!) You are my positivity coach Annette. Thank you for being such a brilliant host for us at #DreamTeam xx

  25. Clare says:

    I love this, especially real is not perfect. We all strive for this perfect life (we all do it!) but in all honesty without the arguments, and the kids screaming how would we know what is perfect and what is not? Great post.

  26. So simple. So true. In fact it’s almost … well … perfect. Love it.

  27. I’m a sucker/collector of quotable quotes and I absolutely LOVE these!!! Will remember them on ‘those’ kind of days…

  28. My favorite one is “You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing” #dreamteam

  29. Heather Keet says:

    Real is not perfect – that’s so true and my favorite! #DreamTeam

  30. I love the Lauren King quote , we do put ourselves under some pressure in the pursuit of something perfect when really even if we got to what we thought was perfect we’d still not be satisfied!! #dreamteam

  31. Helena says:

    These are lovely quotes. At Christmas I happened to mention to a fellow creative that creativity brought the inner perfectionist out at times to which she replied there’s only one that is perfect (god) the rest of us fail to be. #DreamTeam

  32. Crummy Mummy says:

    Words to live by! #DreamTeam

  33. That ‘P’ word is a tough one to battle. I had it my entire life and it is unrelenting. The amazing thing is, I found when I let go of it a bit, and just ‘be’ I can be more creative and enjoy life so much more. As a recovering perfectionist, we try very hard in our house t not have the littles feel the pressure of perfectionism. Thanks for this great post, Annette! #dreamteam xo

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