Inspire Me Guest Series – An Interview With BattleMum

May 19, 2018



The Inspire Me Guest Series is back with a fabulous family travel & lifestyle blogger who makes traveling with a toddler look like a doddle! Introducing the super clever (and former scientist – wow!) Cath from BattleMum.



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BattleMum is most definitely the place I look to for travel top tips and holiday ideas. Whether it’s for something quite local or further afield, no doubt, Cath has got it covered in her easy to read and personable guides. How does she do it? We’ve been lucky enough to catch up with Cath to find out more.






Inspire Me BattleMum

Quick fire questions are so much fun but can also tell us so much about how someone thinks. Let’s see how Cath got on.



Ahhhh a fellow cake lover, now we’re talking.





1. How long have you been blogging for and what inspired you to give it a go?

I’ve been blogging for three and a half years, although it feels like longer. Both my husband and sister-in-law had blogs at the time I started mine and I guess I was inspired by them. My sister-in-law is a very successful beauty and lifestyle blogger in Ireland and she had been blogging for about four years before I started. My hubby had started one not long after our son was born but he never kept it up.



2. Think back to when you first started blogging, what if anything has changed the most?

A lot has changed since those first days. The look of my blog has changed completely, the niche in which I now blog is totally different to when I first started, and I write much better quality posts now. When I look back on those early days I cringe at the drivel I was posting.



3. Are you a pen and paper or straight to the screen type of writer?

I’m actually a bit of both. I’m a pen and paper girl when doing blog courses or compiling information for my travel reviews and days out posts. I like to write the general information down before putting it on the screen as it allows me to formulate my posts better. That said, if I don’t need any background information for my post, I’m straight onto the laptop and write from the heart.



4. Where and when do you do most of your writing?

We live in a very small two-bedroom static holiday home in Portugal while we save to buy a house here, so there is no actual office space. My husband and I share the dining table during the day (and winter months) while our son is at preschool. During the warmer months I can often be found on our deck at the table, typing away until it gets too hot to be outside. I tend to work on my blog during the day from Monday to Thursday from around 9am to 3.30pm.



5. How often do you write and what type of things inspire your blog posts?

I write as often as I can as I publish posts twice a week and I like to be a few weeks ahead of schedule, especially if we have a holiday or travelling coming up. I used to be a “write for tomorrow” blogger but it doesn’t sit well with me anymore. As I am a family travel and lifestyle blogger I write mostly about travel and travelling with young children as our son is 4. Our own family travels are where I draw most of my inspiration and I also like to cover things I know me readers will find interesting. I try to ensure I write from experience, so people know I am telling the truth. I also host guest posts from other bloggers which I think my audience will find interesting.



6. Have you ever had a major case of writers block, if so, how did you overcome it?

Yes, I’ve had a few cases of those during my blogging career. Sometimes I’ve taken a break from the blog and just put it to bed, so-to-speak, until I feel ready to tackle it again. Other times I’ve worked through a post, very slowly I might add, and by pushing through the block I’ve found my mojo has found it’s way back to me. Since pivoting last year and focusing on family travel I haven’t had as bad a case of writer’s block as I’ve had previously. I think finding a niche you are passionate about means you enjoy writing your posts and find them easy compared to trying to cover everything for everyone.



7. Complete one or both of the following sentences. A) Bloggers rock because… B) I am a super blogger because…

  1. A) Bloggers rock because… We talk from the heart, we cover topics other journalists and writers might not, and we speak honestly and from experience. We are also, mostly, a very supportive community and will help each other and non-bloggers in any way we can.


  1. B) I am a super blogger because… I put my heart and soul into my blog and provide my readers with quality posts which will inspire them to travel more with their children, even the toddlers.



8. Name 3 bloggers who inspire you?

My biggest inspiration has to be Aby Moore of YouBabyMeMummy and super star of the Mamapreneur Revolution. I’ve been following Aby for many years and recently joined her Inner Circle, a paid-for blogging membership community. I’ve seen my monthly views increase and my blog is starting to grow better than before, and I know it’s down to her and the wonderful ladies who form part of the Inner Circle.


Another blogger who inspires me is Karen who is the awesome Travel Mad Mum. I only discovered her blog last year and since then she has become a travel blogging inspiration to me. I’ve been following their family gap year on her Instagram stories with serious wanderlust and I recently got the chance to guest post on her blog which was a dream come true for me. If I ever get the opportunity to take my family around the world for a year I will jump at the chance and she will be the inspiration behind that.


My final spot for bloggers who inspire me has to be split between two. I know I should only have three but these two ladies both deserve a mention. Firstly Jade who blogs at Mummies Waiting. She is proof that you can turn your blog into a business through the help of Aby’s courses and what she has achieved in a year is just inspiring. Secondly, Harps of Baby Brain Memoirs. We started our blogs around the same time and started following each other soon after and until 18 months ago, she was a great, award-winning parenting blogger. That changed when her second son was born. Saajan has Down’s Syndrome and Harps is now a huge advocate and awareness campaigner for Down’s Syndrome and she is just such an inspiration.



9. What is the best piece of blogging advice that you have been given?

To learn SEO and do good keyword research. I never knew about these things in the early days but boy do I wish I did. My posts which have been SEO’d properly with good keyword research are the ones that bring me the most organic traffic to my blog. SEO can seem scary at first but once you do it a few times, practise certainly makes perfect (or nearly perfect).



10. Share your own top blogging tip, advice or quote.

Aside from getting to grips with SEO, go self-hosted before you type a single word. I waited until I’d bought my domain name and my husband had set up my hosting before I published my first post. It has meant that I haven’t had to worry about the stress of moving my blog. It’s also meant I’ve been building up my DA since the off.









You can read more from Cath by visiting BattleMum and following her on twitter, instagram and facebook.





The Inspire Me guest series is back! It will be featuring some of my favourite bloggers. From the queen bee’s themselves, to the much newer bloggers on the scene.  All have that elusive something that you can’t quite put your finger on that makes them stand out from the crowd! Here are some of my favourite interviews… enjoy!


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Inspire Me Guest Series


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