Back To School With Moj Moj!

September 9, 2018


When it comes to going back to school, every little bit helps in getting the little ones excited for their big day. From practicing in their ‘new uniforms’ to writing with their grown up pens, it all gives an extra bit of momentum towards getting those happy feet skipping into school. Little Button was thrilled to have been sent a lovely goodie-filled backpack to help her get ready to go back to school with Moj Moj!


Back To School With Moj Moj!




Moj Moj Squishy Toys

Collectable little toys in blind bags have been sweeping the nation over the summer. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with a little one completely taken by them! Moj Moj is the new player on the scene, and at pocket money prices of just £3.99 for a double pack, you can’t go wrong.


Back To School With Moj Moj!


Moj Moj squishys come in colourful surprise bags. We love how there are 2 in each pack, because it feels like you’re getting a bit more for your money.


Back To School With Moj Moj!


There are currently over 95 little Moj Moj squishys to collect and trade, making them an exciting collection to get your hands on.


Back To School With Moj Moj!

Back To School With Moj Moj!


There are 2 series out at the moment. ‘Smiley face’ and ‘Smiley face sparkle’. Little Button was sent 3 bags of the smiley face series. The collection includes adventure seekers, party animals, couch potatoes, happy campers, sun bathers and day dreamers, all of which are based on animals. And, you can even find rare and ultra rare Moj Moj squishys too, if you are very lucky.


Back To School With Moj Moj!

Back To School With Moj Moj!




So soft, so cute… so Moj Moj

The Moj Moj squishys are SO SQUISHY! And stretchy and soft and….well, you get the picture right? They feel amazing, like marshmallows. Except not sticky. We love how they are so itty bitty and can fit in the palm of your hand. And could easily be stowed away in your school backpack. Or work bag *I’m currently negotiating with Little Button to share one of her Moj Moj with me. They make excellent (grown ups) stress busters! #I’mBeingSerious 🙂


Back To School With Moj Moj!

Back To School With Moj Moj!


As a parent, my only niggle with these are that whilst not actually sticky, they attract all the fluff. So best played with at the table rather than on the floor. And, somehow, perhaps due to over stretching, a couple of ours seem to have lost their faces. Opps!! But overall, their cuteness and tactile squidgeyness still make these a wonderful pocket money treat.  




Back to school with Moj Moj!

This coming week will be Little Buttons first full week back to school. In year 1! Ekk!! She’s been thinking of the year ahead and her dreams for the school year are to collect lots of dojos to win extra playtime for her class! Which we think is a pretty generous idea.  #MojMojDaydreamers


Back To School With Moj Moj!

Back To School With Moj Moj!


Looking to get your hands on these adorable little squishys? You can find Moj Moj collectables in Smyths for £3.99 per double pack.







9 responses to “Back To School With Moj Moj!”

  1. Emma says:

    My son loves stuff like this! They would make perfect stocking fillers. Hope Little Button enjoys her first week back at school!

  2. Talya says:

    These are super cute looking but also how great that they also double up as stress busters too!

  3. Anosa says:

    Aww how very cute, I don’t have kids so not really familiar with them but they look like a lot of fun.

  4. Rachel says:

    My kids (even the teen) likes squishes but your right, too much use and their faces disappear and they tear quite easily too – the ones my kids have anyway but it could be because both of mine use them as stress busters.

  5. Jenni says:

    My kids love blind bags! I’ve bought a couple of these for their Advent calendars this year (yes, I’m planning ahead…)

  6. Squishy toys definitely seem to be the big thing at the moment. I don’t like the feel of them myself but my daughter is mad about them.

  7. Oh goodness, Pickle loves things like this and would LOVE these! I will look out for them. Kaz

  8. Oh now sweet! My girls are obsessed with squishes so they would love these. Great you get 2 in a pack!

  9. My niece was sent some of these to try and loved them! I have to agree about the fluff, they are filthy! Personally I’d spend my money on something else as these soon got thrown away due to how dirty they got. But my niece really loved them.

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