Just For Tiny People – Fairies Book of Secrets Review

May 30, 2016


There is something very special about children’s books. The printed kind. The ones that you can pick up and feel the weight of in your hand and smell… they have a booky smell right? The type of magical sensory explosion that can take you right back to childhood in an instant, as well as whisking you off into an imaginary world where anything is possible. Little Button was thrilled when Just For Tiny People sent over a copy of their new Fairies Book of Secrets for her to discover.


Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets




I had one of those!

Secretly, I have been just as excited as Little Button to see the new Fairies Book of Secrets. You see… I had one of those when I was little! It was no way near as elaborate and magical, but there was something about it that kept me turning the pages until… well… they fell out. I am not joking either.


Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets




A beautiful keepsake

The book comes as a hardback and has a truly magical and decorative cover. In hand, it feels like a good quality book with thick pages that are likely to stand the test of time and yes, it smells deliciously booky. It makes for a wonderful keepsake, something to treasure and hold onto for years of reading no matter how old the reader is.


Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets

Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets




Dip in and out

I think it is very important to point out that this is not a children’s story book. It is a collection of fairies secrets written and cleverly documented as a collection that can be easily selected and dipped into. The secrets shout… I am real and you will believe by the time you have read me, if you didn’t already that is. I will admit to dipping into the ‘Types of Fairy’ section with Little Button and gasping ‘Oh my goodness… did you know that mermaids are water fairies?’ Yes, it hooks you in that easily.


Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets




A helping hand to bring the magic to life

The book is intended to be read by an adult to a child. As I mentioned previously, this is not a story book but a collection of facts… honest *she smiles*. Before reading the Fairies Book of Secrets to Little Button, I read it through myself and then picked a few key areas I know she is interested in already. Rather than read it word for word, we talked about the themes and I read the most appropriate lines to her that she, as a three year old, would understand.


Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets


Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets


The illustrations are delicately detailed with the promise of secrets just waiting to be found inside each section, and this helps to draw you in even further.


Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets




Little Button was able to fully immerse herself in the ideas of this book. Although the illustrations appear to be more aimed for an older child, this somehow reinforced to her that ‘its real mummy, the book says so’. I think it would appeal to any believer, and will work beautifully with younger children if the reading adult is able to help the magic soar.


Just For Tiny People Fairies The Book of Secrets



About Just For Tiny People

Just For Tiny People was set up by the fabulous Effie after spending 8 weeks hand making her daughter what would go on to be her most successful product, a ‘Magical Teepee. A few years later and with the help of famous Dragon Deborah Meaden JFTP has soared to become the number one place to find the most beautiful products to help you to create the ultimate magical space for your little ones.



A Little Magic Can Take You a Long Way. Roald Dahl



You can find out more about Just For Tiny People by checking their website, following them on twitter and liking their very popular facebook page.



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20 responses to “Just For Tiny People – Fairies Book of Secrets Review”

  1. Kaye says:

    Oh what a beautiful book. My Nan was always telling me about fairies when I was young and buying me books about dragons and mythical creatures and it really brought the magic to life. This seems like something I would’ve loved as a kid! #dreamteam

  2. OMG This book looks gorgeous!! I would love to get one but I don’t think it’s going to be ideal for boys is it – it’s us girls that love fairies and magical things like that xx #dreamteam

    • Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

      I think it would appeal to both little girls and boys… it’s not overly girly, but I think you would have to have a keen interest in all things magical. xx

  3. Looks like a beautiful book. A great review with lovely photos. Good to have linked up via #DreamTeam. Alison x

  4. Katie Taylor says:

    what a beautiful book!! thank you so much for sharing xx #candidcuddles

  5. Ooh that looks like my kind of book! I still have a couple of treasured books like this from when I was a child too and I can’t wait to share them with my little ones. This definitely looks like the kind of quality book that will become a precious keepsake and will be passed down through the family to enjoy. (Assuming they still even have books by the next generation? I certainly hope so).

    Thanks for hosting #dreamteam xx

    • Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

      Thanks for popping by Dawn. Mine never stood the test of time, so it’s been so great to have this one for Little Button. xx

  6. OH my goodness what a beautiful book, I will definitely be picking this up for Bug this summer!!! Right now we are fully engrossed in reading every Pete the Cat book ever written! And while I love Pete I need a break! #DreamTeam

    • Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

      I haven’t heard of Pete the Cat before… *rushes off to do an internet search*. This book is beautiful, and it takes quite a while to get through it so it’s great in terms of value for money. x

  7. Oh to be child and believe in fairies again. For me the Enchanted Wood was my favourite childhood book and I still have the series beautifully illustrated. My daughter Aspen loved them too and they still have that same childhood book smell. #dreamteam

    • Annette, 3 Little Buttons says:

      Hang on a min… I thought they were real hehe! I used to love Up the Faraway Tree and was convinced we had one of those in our garden. x

  8. Wow that book does look magical! Although it’s aimed at older children I can see why little button loves it. It wold make a believer out of anyone! It’s great that you skimmed it & picked out topics to talk about rather than trying to read word for word. Thank you for sharing your quote with #candidcuddles x

  9. Ooh it looks lovely. Great review! Have tweeted x #BloggerClubUK

  10. Michelle says:

    That looks like a great book and something I would buy! I have a couple of fairy books in my house as I love fairies, especially gothic ones:) Popping over from #bloggerclubuk

  11. Ohh, that looks lovely. Just another year or two and my Jane will love that. #BloggerClubUK

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