Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker Review from AO.COM

May 26, 2018


Our old fashioned free standing gas cooker has been on it’s last legs for the last year. To be fair we inherited it when we bought our house, and it’s done a sterling job of making cooking VERY difficult. Being in the midst of renovations (still), and with the kitchen being the last job on the list, we’ve been trying to keep it going. This included giving up on the grill that refused to light for me (Mr Button was the only one with the knack of coaxing it to work) and having to turn anything cooking ooohhhh…. at least a million times, unless you wanted your dish burned to a crisp on one side and undercooked on the other. So, I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when AO.COM asked us if we wanted to review this Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker.


No words will ever be able to describe the utter relief and happiness in the house when it turned up the other week.



From dinky gas oven to dual fuel range

The Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker is a whooping 100cm big, which knocks the socks off most standard ovens, but is (I’m told) mid-range when it comes to range cookers. We had to take our kitchen door off to get it into the kitchen (we have a long Victorian hallway), but the delivery team at AO.COM were great and had no problem taking their time with bringing it in and getting it installed.


Here is it! Our brand new Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C dual fuel range cooker. It looks brilliant right? And the complete opposite of the teeny gas oven we had before.


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker


This is the first range that I’ve cooked on, and whilst it seemed slightly intimidating at first, this one is actually very intuitive to use. I could dive right on and get cooking straight away without a second thought, making it a perfect buy for anyone making that leap from a standard small oven to a range cooker.  



Clever features

The Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C dual fuel range cooker has 3 ovens and a grill. All electric.


The hob features 6 gas burners (cast iron) with a wok burner in the middle. Oh my goodness! How wonderful to have so many gas burners of different sizes to use, I have already used them all for various things. And I can’t believe I used to just manage with 2 on our old cooker (because the other 2 gave up working). Never doing that again!  The super clever wok burner is fab and of course doesn’t have to be used just to make a stir fry. Think of it as a very fast heating burner.


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker




The ovens

The main cooking space on the left is an electric fan oven. I’m in love with the fan oven at the moment. Everything cooks so evenly… even frozen oven chips! *I have a thing about frozen oven chips and not being able to get them to cook just right. With the fan oven I didn’t even have to try.




Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker



This space has a fantastic feature! A moving shelf runner. What a brilliant surprise. So if you want to check on a dish, you can very easily whip the shelf forwarded (it’s stops at a certain point), check on your cooking and pop it back.


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker



The cooking space on the left is a conventional oven (the heat rises), and I’m told it’s brilliant for baking things like cakes, yorkshire puddings, pastries and roast potatoes. So far it’s done roasted vegetables and a couple of pizzas beautifully. The pizza bases came out cooked through and no soggy dough in sight. #Result.

The smaller oven on the top right hand-side is a slow cooker! I’ve not tried this out yet, but I have high hopes for using it to try out some of our favourite greek dishes.



The grill

The grill is on the top left hand-side. It’s slightly smaller than the one we had before, but I definitely prefer electric over the gas grill. I would say you could probably fit 4 slices of bread into it comfortably. So far I have cooked pork chops in here (6 big ones fit nicely) and they came out perfectly!


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker



The glass lid

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The glass lid. It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but I’m convinced it works really well. When open it’s a fab splashback, and when closed, the gas supply cuts off as a safety device, making the hob completely fool proof. It’s also handy for protecting the hob and popping your tea towels and cooking notes on when not in use.


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker




Modern design

I love the modern design of Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C dual fuel range cooker. It features clean lines and chunky fittings which feel sturdy and very well built. Everything is about simplicity, even down to the clock/timer in the centre, which we didn’t even need the instruction manual for. I think the range cooker would fit well in both a traditional and modern kitchen. Ours is sort of both at the moment, as we are ripping out units and replacing them as well go.


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker




Colour choices

AO.COM offered us the cream version of this range cooker (it’s available in black and silver too). I have to admit that I wasn’t too sure if I’d like the cream, but when it arrived that completely changed. It’s much darker than I expected, which works nicely against our white gloss cupboards. Because of the richer cream colour, it’s not off white, it became more of a  feature, rather than something that didn’t quite match (which is what I thought might happen). #PopOfColour



Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker


Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker




Our overall thoughts   

We absolutely love our Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker from AO.COM. It looks great, but most importantly, it’s made it possible for me to finally get my bake on again! Woohoo!


I’m able to cook every piece of our family meal at the same time, so everything is ready and comes together perfectly at dinner time (it makes a huge difference). I can have our meal on the table, and dessert cooking and ready for when we’ve finished our main meal. And cooking for a dinner party no longer has me running to hide under the table. Yes, kitchen life is definitely sweeter now this beauty is here!


Disclosure: We were very kindly sent this Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker by AO.COM – to whom I will be eternally grateful to for unknowingly saving me from my hideous dinky gas oven. All views are my own and gladly shared. *Please excuse our kitchen which is currently in renovation state! 


40 responses to “Leisure Chefmaster CC100F521C Dual Fuel Range Cooker Review from AO.COM”

  1. Oh wow I have serious oven envy! I love the glass top too. It looks like a perfect mix of traditional and stylish. Bring on the cakes! xx

  2. OMG I want one! That looks fabulous! I may not be the best cook but I do love cooking and baking. #dreamteam

  3. Laurie says:

    Nice oven! Unfortunately, we don’t have gas service where we live, so it’s all electric for me!

  4. we have a range oven all electric as we live in a very rural place. I love ours and yours is beautiful, you will have great fun baking #dreamteam

  5. Wow. That is a lovely stove! #dreamteam

  6. Nita says:

    That cooker looks amazing!!!! I’m not a great cook, but I think with something like that, I will definitely make more of an effort. I’m so jealous! #DreamTeam

  7. Tubbs says:

    I also have oven envy! That is beautiful! It would never fit in our kitchen though. I’d have to climb over it to get through the back door.

  8. So stylish – I love it! #dreamteam

  9. Kate says:

    Just wow and how very lucky are you – have always wanted one! #DreamTeam

  10. What a cooker! If only I could cook #dreamteam

  11. Nige says:

    Wow this is a serious cooker fab review I might be off to buy one tomorrow thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  12. bryony shaw says:

    This looks so good!

  13. Oh wow that looks like one heck of a machine! This would make me WANT to cook, so jealous 😀


  14. Martina says:

    We got a range cooker when we renovated a few years ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE it too. Hope you enjoy getting your bake on! #dreamteam

  15. Chloe Wood says:

    Oh my goodness a range cooker is my dream! This looks amazing #DreamTeam

  16. I used to work for Comet and I always dreamed of having a range cooker in my kitchen! I am super jealous!!!! #dreamteam

  17. This looks incredible! So many burners and ovens and I love the glass top to keep it clean and the safety feature! Brilliant appliance! Definite oven envy!

  18. looks fantastic. We upgraded to a high end oven system about five years ago and it was worth every penny #dreamteam

  19. Chloe says:

    Oh I have serious oven envy. I dream of having an oven like this one, sadly too big for our kitchen #bloggerclubuk

  20. Kirsty Hall says:

    I am properly jealous!! One day I will get my kitchen done and will also have the oven of my dreams. She says hopefully… #DreamTeam

  21. AO lets Go! Can’t get the theme tune out of my head. This range cooker looks fab! You lucky lucky thing x. #DreamTeam x

  22. RawMum says:

    Oh how I wish I had room for a range. This one looks great with the gas and electric combo. You had me at sliding shelves though. Such a useful feature #dreamteam

  23. Annette, I love everything about your new cooker! That glass top is a wonderful feature. Love the colour. Everything. I want one!

  24. Oh how wonderful. Happy cooking and baking #dreamteam

  25. Tash says:

    Can wait to hear how you go making the greek dishes using the slow cooker part of the cooker! #DreamTeam

  26. Kate says:

    I recently got a new oven and it is great when you compare old and new. It is a good design like you say simple and well made. You came across as very excited and happy with the results so far with the fan assisted oven. I hope you have many happy baking days ahead!

  27. Nazrin says:

    I can’t tell you how much we need a new oven in our house everything gets ruined especially cakes which is always a bummer! WE NEED A NEW OVEN!

  28. wow that looks like some serious business down there! It looks so lovely in your kitchen! Happy cooking!

  29. Nafisah nk says:

    Ohhh I can imagine how you feel. I am always cooking and love to experiment with baking also, so with that cooker in my kitchen, I will be on top of the world. Thanks for the awesome review xxx

  30. Oh my!! I am drooling over your oven here. It looks amazing and all that space !! #dreamteam

  31. Stephanie says:

    Oh how wonderful to have such a large cooker now, I love the gas function but having the electric side too. Perfect!

  32. Talya says:

    This looks like a great oven and I have to say that I LOVE the glass lid I think it’s such a clever feature and it definitely would get the thumbs up from me!

  33. Heather Keet says:

    I am having oven envy. My oven is only 3 years old but it is nowhere near as nice as this one! #DreamTeam

  34. I was used to a gas oven so when we got our own house it was fun and a bit scary to have electric! This looks like a great oven: I always have a nightmare with chips… #dreamteam

  35. Helena says:

    Cooking is something I tend to leave to those who are more passionate about it. However, having a working oven that gets everything done on time sounds wonderful. #DreamTeam

  36. Crummy Mummy says:

    I have serious cooker envy! Ours is about 20 years old and on its last legs too! #DreamTeam

  37. Lauren Davis says:

    Super Jealous! My Mum had one of these in our Old House and it was perfect for when I went on one of my crazy cookathons !!

  38. Bryony says:

    So shiny! #dreamteam

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