5 ways to add a pop of colour to your child’s bedroom

May 24, 2018


With summer peeking around the corner, what better way to refresh your little ones bedroom then adding a big pop of colour! Colour is everything for them right? It lifts their mood, helps them to feel at home in their bedroom, and can create just the right ambience for a happy good night’s sleep. Little Button has only very recently transitioned into her bedroom after a pretty rubbish incident that left her feeling unable to sleep on her own, I’ll talk about this another time. Because of this, it’s been so important for us to get things right. Here are 5 inexpensive and easy ways to add a pop of colour to your child’s bedroom, tried and tested by Little Button.



Creative bedding

As your little ones bed will typically be the focus point of their bedroom, where better than to start right there! Duvet covers are a brilliant way of adding a pop of colour and personality. I’m a big fan of creative bedding with motivational slogans or clever designs. Little Button’s absolute favourite is getting onto bed to dress up as a princess!


pop of colour to bedroom

pop of colour to bedroom


This fabulous bedding set is from Room To Grow, and it’s been doing a brilliant job of taking her mind off ‘bedtime’ and adding a fun twist to settling down ready to read stories. The beautiful muted colours, highlighted by a pop of pink give the set an elegant edge, making Little Button feel like a real lady. There’s usually been lots of giggles before she finally drifts off to sleep. #Winning




Colourful lighting

Themed LED lighting strings look super pretty wrapped around mirrors, frames and beds. You can usually find these in coloured shapes, so they look fab whether they are switched on or off. We wrapped 2 sets together to create a little multi-coloured pop at the end of Little Buttons bed. I can’t remember where we got them from, but typically places like Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Ikea have them.


pop of colour to bedroom





Popping Scatter cushions

Scatter cushions are not just for the sofas! They look super-cute at the end of a bed, on a chair or built up into a bank to create a reading nook. They are less changeable than bedding, so we found it worked well to stick to matching colours, with one funky pop in the shape of a rainbow! The vibrant colours of this one from Next really stand out and set off the overall look of Little Buttons room. Result!





On the wall

Wall decorations are a must, especially if you are sticking to muted colours of paint or wallpaper. Think wall stickers, photos, graphic prints or one off pieces like this one. Little Button embraces her inner glitter (daily) so this was perfect.


pop of colour to bedroom




Work those toys

If you’re at home and yet to get your collection of colour pop together, don’t worry. You can still make a start right now by putting those toys to work. Instead of tucking them away and out of sight, bring a few of the larger, colourful ones out and put them on display. Apart from brightening up your little ones space, it will also make it feel very much their own. Plus, they will look amazing. Promise!   


pop of colour to bedroom



5 ways to add a pop of colour to your child’s bedroom

Pretty easy right? And low cost too.  You really don’t have to do a complete overhaul of your child’s bedroom to give it a lift with colour. Give it a go and let us know how you get on. Happy colour popping!



What’s your favourite way of adding a pop of colour to your home?




Disclosure: We were sent the princess duvet set by Room To Grow for Little Button to try out. We were so impressed by the design, which we haven’t seen anywhere else so far. It retails around the £17.50 mark which we feel is excellent value. All views are my own.



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  1. Lucy At Home says:

    I love the bed cover – I have two little princesses of my own and I know this would go down a treat!

    And someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush Linky! Hurray! #blogcrush

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