On Netflix This May

May 23, 2018


It’s no secret that I love Netflix! As the alpha parent, by the time I’m done for the day, the last thing I want to do is waste my time channel surfing on TV. What I really want is something that I can’t wait to watch at the touch of my fingertips. And Netflix gives me just that. Well… not just me, all three of us really. Here’s what we have been watching and loving this May.


On Netflix This May



What Little Button Has Been Watching On Netflix This May


Barbie in Princess Power – Movie

Little Button says it’s ‘very good’, I’ve not had a peek at this one yet, but I’ll take her word on it.


Boss Baby Back in Business – series

Have you seen the Boss Baby movie? This is a spin off series on the back of that. It’s absolutely hilarious and I can see why Little Button whizzed through all 13 episodes in a blink. Hurry up and bring more please Netflix! This is one that the whole family will love to indulge in.  




What We Have Been Watching On Netflix This May


The Let Down – series

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this, but gave it a try after some very high recommendations from Bridget, Nic and Heather. It’s about a first time mum and how she tackles motherhood. It’s a full out expose on what life as mum can be like and has no shame in letting it all hang out! Expect non-stop giggles galore, whilst shouting at the TV – yes, that really happens. I watched this on my own, preferring to snigger at the daddy jokes guilt free.


Riverdale – series

We LOVE Riverdale! It’s based about the classic Archie Comics series, but don’t let the word ‘comic’ put you off at all. It’s a bit dark and a touch scary at times, but very watchable in a ‘what happens next’ way. If you loved Pretty Little Liars, you will probably be glued to this.





The Rain – series

I’m not a fan of watching foreign shows with English voice overs, but this story is so gripping I found it hard to look away once I’d put it on. It’s a sort of disaster mystery thriller type of series, about a family trying to survive in a world where you can’t let the rain touch you. Freaky!




Safe – series

If you’re going to binge watch something, this will probably be it. Safe is a brand new Netflix series about every parents nightmare. A missing teenager. It’s a plot with many twists and turns that will leave you hooked. We’re still watching this one so nope, I can’t tell you what happens in the end.


Step Sisters – Movie

If you’re having Pitch Perfect withdrawal symptoms, watch this one! It’s light hearted and will leave wondering if it’s possible to set up your own step dance squad. Because all that stomping looks pretty fun! *Mr Button actually spent several days telling me to Shhhhh!!! as I tried to recreate some of the magic in our kitchen.





When We First Met – Movie

If your in the mood for a really solid modern (and funny) love story, this is it! We both ooooohhhed and arrhhhhhed through this one. The ending is brilliant!


The Kissing Booth – Movie

This has got to be the cutest movie for all of May! It’s a full out teen comedy. Easy to watch and full of those bitter sweet high school moments that you’ll find yourself reminiscing about. It’s quirky storyline hooked me in.



On Netflix This May

And there you have it, that’s what we have been watching on Netflix this May. It’s a pick-a-mix of goodies just waiting to be discovered…. jump in! You know you want to 🙂


*This isn’t a sponsored post. We just LOVE Netflix.



Have you watched any of our top picks? And, what would you recommend to us?



One response to “On Netflix This May”

  1. Safe and The Rain are on my list. I’ll be adding Riversale now too!

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