London Duck Tours Review

August 6, 2017


When I was little I dreamt of having a ride in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! You remember that film right? There was nothing that Chitty the car couldn’t do, including becoming a boat and flying machine at the touch of a button. Cool right? I would never have guessed that years later my dream would come true, and that we would get the chance to ride around in London, in a car that would turn into a boat! A real one. A duck actually. London Duck Tours is a brilliant way of engaging little ones in the city in an exciting way and perfect for a summer holiday treat with a twist. Here’s what we got up to on our visit.


London Duck Tours




Finding London Duck Tours

I have to admit, we are very lucky to live in London and close to all the action. So a trip to one of our favourite places, Southbank, was a lovely little scenic bus journey for us. Nothing out of the ordinary, except who would have thought that just behind Jubilee Gardens (by the London Eye) a fleet of ducks were waiting to be discovered. Now that was a surprise. I had heard about London Duck tours earlier last year, but hadn’t realise how easy they were to get to, and based in the ultra-child-friendly Southbank, well you can’t go wrong can you. We got there a bit early, so headed off to grab drinks before catching our ‘duck’. Top Tip: There is a no food or drink policy, and no toilets at London Duck Tours, so it’s worth popping into one of the many cafe’s before heading for your tour.



All Aboard!

Even with our pit stop and a quick wander around Jubilee Gardens, we were still a touch early for our morning booking. However, the super friendly London Duck Tours team were on hand and checked our party of 5 in. Another Duck was getting ready to go, and as there was a bit of space, we got bumped up to the earlier tour so we didn’t’ have to wait. How fab was that. We were so impressed by how considerate the team were. We climbed on board via some easy to negotiate steps and headed to the front of our duck. Top tip: 1st and 2nd row seats offer really good front and side viewing and a personal feel to the tour. Arrive early to nab these seats.


London Duck Tours

London Duck Tours




Sightseeing With A Twist

I’ve always been put off going on the general London tours, and wouldn’t have even considered taking Little Button before. From past experience, being stuck on a coach with a dry tour guide was like being asked to sit and watch paint dry. London Duck Tours are nothing like this. For a start, how cool are the ducks! Just the mode of transport is enough to capture little ones interests. But then there was our duck driver and tour guide, friendly, engaging and funny and everything that you would want from a child-friendly tour of London. There were lots of chuckles along the way and extra little insights into some of the historical landmarks that were fascinating.


London Duck Tours




London Duck Tours Make A Big Splash

Our highlight of London Duck Tours was definitely when our land duck hit the River Thames. A quick change of driver, and splash, in we went. There was our Chitty Chitty Bang Bang moment! We spent a good time in the water and marvelled at the sights from a different angle as well as waving (and quacking?!) to other ducks passing by. Top tip: Let your (sensible) little one sit in the window seat so they get the best water views.  


London Duck Tours

London Duck Tours

 London Duck Tours

London Duck Tours

London Duck Tours



Our Final Thoughts

We loved London Duck Tours, and felt that it was the brilliantly witty tour guide that really brought our experience to life. Who would have thought, even though living in London, that there was so much more to learn on a sightseeing tour like this! We would definitely recommend London Duck Tours and think this would be a fun family treat for the summer holidays for all to enjoy. Here’s a little peek of the London Duck Tours.





London Duck Tours



You can find out more about London Duck Tours by visiting their website, and stay up to date by following them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Disclosure: We were guests of London Duck Tours for the purpose of this review.  All views are my own.


25 responses to “London Duck Tours Review”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go on a London Duck Tour – I’m a grown-up, but the idea of a bus that becomes a boat is still really exciting to me! #DreamTeam

  2. What a great way to see London!! Looks like loads of fun.

  3. mums army says:

    What great fun! I have seen these and always thought it would be good to have a go. It would certainly make a sightseeing tour alot more interesting than the norm. xx Nicky #DreamTeam

  4. Mrs Jibril says:

    Wooow i think that would have been our highlight as well, you seem to be making lots of lovely memories with your family #dreamteam

  5. Liz Deacle says:

    lucky things! I can’t imagine living in London and having all of those attractions on my doorstep! Looks like lots of fun x

  6. This looks like such a fun way to see London! The duck boats are so cool. Fab pix x #dreamteam

  7. Now THAT’S a FUN way to see the city!!! especially if you’re a kiddo! We went to Russia this summer & took several stuffy bus tours and a few canals tours too. None were as fun as that duck!!!!


  8. This looks a fantastic experience X #dreamteam

  9. Laura says:

    This looks amazing! When I lived in Liverpool they had a Duck Marine tour of Liverpool, just like this London one. I don’t think they do it anymore because it apparently sank 🙁

  10. This looks like so much fun and gives multiple perspectives on the city #dreamteam

  11. It was lovely seeing these photos and watching the video as I wish so much to go to London, and this looks fun! #dreamteam

  12. mainy says:

    The london duck tours have always looked like a great day out. I haven’t done one yet but plan to.

  13. Oh my word that looks so much fun! Our two would absolutely love driving into the water! Looks like you all had a fab time! xx

  14. Helena says:

    I’ve done this in Australia but would love to do it with the girls and hubby too they’d be amazed I’m sure. #DreamTeam

  15. Oh I’ve always wanted to go with Emma on the Duck Tours, what a fabulous way to see London! I bet it was an unforgettable day for Little Button 🙂 xx

  16. I have always wanted to go on one of these, I’m so fascinated by the car and boat aspect! Looks like you had an amazing time!! #dreamteam

  17. Mrs Lighty says:

    Duck Tours look so fab! Do they go through the streets as well as on the water? Your photos are gorgeous too! #DreamTeam xxx

  18. ohmummymia says:

    Looks like a good fun! To be honest I didn’t know that duck tours are in London 🙂 Need to try it with my little toddler next time in London

  19. Ah wow that’s a great way to view London! #dreamteam

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