6 times school forgot some parents work

March 18, 2019



school forgot some parents work



This week is officially to be known as the “the week of ekks!”


Everything is going to be happening.


One thing after the other. Like an out of control game of dominos that’s going to topple everything in its path. *Quick… get outta the way!


And, I can’t help feel that at least 50% of the stress that’s already biting at my heels is because school forget that some parents work.


Because all parents (who jolly well can’t be working…eh?!) should have the magical ability to drop everything to attend ‘something vague’ happening at school. Which may or may not be happening in a few days. At gawd knows what time. But it’s in the school newsletter so you would be a) a fool not to take note and b) a super fool for not clearing your entire diary for that day for whatever it is. *Goes into the bathroom to have a quick scream into the oblivion… returns looking like a deranged, run-ragged scarecrow.





No seriously. It really is one of my pet hates. And I also feel completely awful and guilty for moaning about it too, because I’m sure if there was more time and resources, the appropriate letters would have been sent out in a timely fashion – giving those of us who do actually WORK the chance to sort-it-out. *Perhaps…   


For those that have no idea what I’m talking about… let me explain.





6 times school forgot some parents work



A costume… for tomorrow


Kids return home from school.


KIDS: “It’s dress up day tomorrow. I NEEEEEEED to be a spaceman”.


ME: “WWHhhhhhaaattt??! Was there a letter???? Did I miss something???”


KIDS: “I think they forgot to tell everyone. But the teacher said you can put something together tonight”


ME: “Ermmm… great”.


Spend all night working on spaceman costume. Blinking worst time to realise the there’s only enough foil left to cover one titchy chicken kiev (how it that going to cover a child!!). Bust a gut and a eye bag to get something together in time.


KIDS: Skip off happily to school in costume.  


ME: Drag self to work after zero hours sleep. Look in mirror and realise still covered in silver paint. Look like Tin Man from Wizard of Oz.







A yellow t shirt please…


Kids return home from school. Hand over slip of paper.


ME: (Reads out loud) “All children to have a plain yellow t shirt in school for this Friday”.


ME: “Pah!” she says. “How hard can it be to get a yellow t shirt?” “I’ll just pop into the shops AFTER work”.






ME: On a Thursday night still trawling the shops for a plain yellow t shirt. “Someone helllllppppp me pllllleeeeeaaaassssssseeee!!!”


Other parent on Whatsapp: “Try Asda – they have school polo shirts in plain yellow”.


ME: “Why didn’t anyone telllll mmmmeeee before!”. *Sobs when realises this was discussed at great length over cups of tea at school drop off – for which working parent will forever be absent from because working parent is at blinking work.


KIDS: “Thanks for the yellow t shirt. The teacher says it can be for next week now”.


ME: “Oh goody. A whole weekend of not having to look for a yellow t shirt in daylight hours, marvellous”.








Book onto parents evening… now!


Kids return home brandishing newsletter. Shove in parents face.


KIDS: “Is the teacher going to talk about me?”


ME: “A this rate, probably not because I can’t work this blooming booking system on the website for parents evening”.


ME: Baffled. Confused and wary click at all the buttons on the booking system. Nothing is working. Looks at newsletter. Parents evening is printed on two days of the teeny calendar. On two days. Can that be right?? Why is there no letter. Maybe the booking system isn’t open?






ME: “Did the teacher say when the booking opens?”


KIDS: “No?!”


ME: Monday morning at work. Tries to book. Still doesn’t work. Decide to try later in lunch break. Manages to log in during lunch break.





It now works! But all the good slots have been booked.


ME: AAAArrrrGGGGG!!!  





There’s a workshop next week


KIDS: “There’s something all the parents have to go to. It’s in the newsletter”.


ME: Stares in ecstatic disbelief at said newsletter. There’s actually a paragraph on what is going to be happening. Holds up newsletter. “This is the best newsletter that you have EVER had!”




ME: Looks closer. There is a description that is usually NEVER there. And there is a date for the event. BUT…. “did they say what time it starts???”


KIDS: “No”.


ME: “Perfect”.


ME: “Maybe that will in next week’s newsletter?”






There’s a burst pipe… collect your child now


PHONE: “Bleep”


ME: Reads txt message: because of a burst pipe, you must collect your child now.


ME: Runs out of work like mad women. Makes huge dash across London. On train. Then bus. Runs to school. Arrives red faced and panting. Clearly from running. But pleased for breaking record for getting back in just over half and hour.


RECEPTION: We’ve been calling you for ages but you didn’t pick up. EVERYONE else has already been picked up and have gone home.






The very important meeting about a test


KIDS: Hand over newsletter.


ME: Has a read. Nothing sticks out. No last second events or meetings to attend on first glance.





ME: Re-reads very VERY carefully. Spots an extremely important meeting in the teeny tiny calendar section to attend with no time. Just a day. No information. No nothing.


ME: “Does that mean it’s a day thing??!!” “Are there any other letters??!” “Any more information?”


KIDS: “Nope”.





ME: Decides to wait till nearer the time, because there MUST be a letter for this super important meeting. Right?  


ME: Wrong! There is nothing. But wait. Wait a second. Snuck into the following weeks teeny weeny calendar in the new newsletter is a time. There’s a day and a start time. But that’s it. Nothing else.


ME: Forced to book whole day off work just in case. Fab!


Just fab.







27 responses to “6 times school forgot some parents work”

  1. Oh gosh! My daughter starts school this September, so I’m sure I’ll be facing some of these problems in no time!

  2. So bloody annoying isn’t it? Mind you, our son, in particular, has been known to leave important notes buried at the bottom of his bag! #DreamTeam

  3. arrgh!! tell me about it. I need to find a brown style dress so my son can dress up as Joseph for his Easter play, he also need a brown t-shirt and brown trousers. I have none! #DreamTeam

  4. Sarah - Mud, Cakes and Wine says:

    hahaha so true and it will be x3 soon not sure there is enough wine for this

  5. Sabina Green says:

    There is certainly always something to remember and try and get to. I guess I am lucky working from home that most of the time I can just drop everything but so many can’t!

  6. I used to dread the letter from school saying please dress up your child as….,I have no imagination whatsoever when it comes to dressing up #dreamteam@_karendennis

  7. sonia cave says:

    I remember these crazy things that happened. Couldn’t for the life of me work out why we should be expected to go out and source certain items of clothing in certain colours anyway…we’d already spent a fortune of blooming uniform!

  8. Bryony shaw says:

    The gifs on point #dreamteam

  9. Lydia C. Lee says:

    Hehehe. I always panic that we’ve gone mufty on the wrong day…that moment of relief when you see other kids not in uniform! #Dreamteam (our Harmony day is Orange – who has orange in their wardrobe???)

  10. Isabel says:

    Fairplay Annette, more of this is needed – I see my colleagues sometimes frantically trying to abide by whatever last minute school request, clearly not very work parent friendly… #dreamteam

  11. Laurie says:

    Sorry to read that you had so much difficulty with school lately. Next week will be better. And that big glass of wine should help! 🙂

  12. Anosa says:

    Hahaha, I would go mental within a week, my brother got called back to his son’s school 20 minutes after he dropped him off because the pipe burst.

  13. Zoe says:

    Love it! I can relate to each and every point. Times 3! Because each and every child has something different on each day of the week, and I must remember which child for which event. If I manage to put all of it together, life is won. Not happened yet though!

  14. Nita says:

    Great! I’ve got all this to look forward to this year! #DreamTeam

  15. Reading this I think we have struck gold with our infant school as they are great with communication. The Junior school not so good but certainly a little more on the ball!

  16. Sarah Ann says:

    Wow, now I know what my mum went through! There’s so much to remember and this brought back memories of coming home with a last minute note needing a costume or project made!

  17. Helen Copson says:

    I love this! And the Gifs just make it! Mine have yet to start school yet and this already sounds like a nightmare. How do you even do it?!! #dreamteam

  18. Stephanie says:

    I hate the demands of things, mine bug bear is the money. They want a little bit for this and a little bit for that, then a costume and now the author is coming in….buy his book!! It’s never ending

  19. Melanie williams says:

    I can only imagine how tough parenting is. along with all the demands from school, different events and activities xx

  20. Kate Holmes says:

    You reminded me of the joy of home education! You also brought back so many memories of me trying to do it all and feeling so inadequate as a mum, employee etc. If you ask me society needs to get a grip and start supporting mums way more than it does #DreamTeam

  21. Tracey Carr says:

    I am just getting my first taste of this as my daughter started school last September. I can only imagine how stressful it must be at times. To be honest I am dreading the costumes!! #dreamteam

  22. Rosie Doal says:

    I can’t begin to count the amount of times this has happened to me – especially workshops and dress up days! Sometimes I wonder if they think it’s super easy for us to take time off work at a moment’s notice! And then of course I feel like a terrible mother if I give something a miss! #DREAMTEAM

  23. Crummy Mummy says:

    Our school is last minute.com about absolutely everything – glad we aren’t the only ones! #DreamTeam

  24. Kirsty says:

    Yes to this!!! I bloody loved this post. I don’t even work (well not properly – leaving the house and everything) so I can essentially drop everything at a moment’s notice but it still drives me entirely loopy!! #DreamTeam

  25. There is nothing more annoying than when they NEED something by the next day, do they think we can just shop any night and have nothing better to do? Great post #DreamTeam

  26. It’s always timed for the last week of term, so you’re trying to sort out a zillion deadlines etc around the holidays and then bang you have to be at school for 3 things! #dreamteam

  27. This is the way they assure that we, the caregivers, must, and I mean, MUST, read every newsletter, whether by computer or backpack, with a fine-toothed comb! It’s like a test, for us, that we always fail! Oy vey #dreamteam xoxo

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