Is Moving House Really That Stressful?

July 14, 2017


Our London house isn’t our forever home. Well, it’s not meant to be. We bought it as an investment and were only meant to be staying for 3 years tops. That was 7 years ago, so by my calculation we’ve out stayed our welcome by oohhh 4 years! That’s a lot of years.


It’s not that I don’t like our house, it’s big enough and does its job well. Even our teeny tiny garden is growing on me, finally. But I love space, clean air, and that sense of free-range freedom that a built up city can’t really offer.


moving house


So what’s stopping us from moving you might wonder? It’s the nerves, or more specifically Mr Button has the moving jitters. I have them too, a little bit. But whereas I’m more of a go for it and hope for the best type of person, Mr Button likes to have everything perfectly accounted for and managed to an inch of its life. And for him, moving house really is THAT stressful.


I’m trying to bust a few moving myths to show him that actually, moving house doesn’t have to be as complicated and stressful as it seems.





My moving house myth busters (it’s a work in progress)


moving house



  1. Moving our stuff will be easy… this time

To be fair, we don’t have tons of stuff. I’d say that it’s Little Button who accumulates the most in our house. When we first moved, we thought it would be very clever to shift our own stuff, with a bit of help from family. Fifty million trips backwards and forwards, a few bumps and bruises and a whole load of broken furniture later, and we all agreed that it was actually the stupidest idea ever! What we should have done was to hire a removal company, or space in a big van through a company such as Shiply. And there, problem solved. Moving our stuff would be a doddle. It will be different this time round, obviously.



  1. Bad neighbours anyone? 

Have you seen the bad neighbours movies? We have a right giggle watching these, but only because we have the best neighbours ever! It’s a bit of a worry wondering what new neighbours might be like, but the odds of getting neighbours from hell are highly unlikely Mr Button! I say, if you move in with the intent of making friends right from the start, you’re more likely to succeed. Oh, and it helps to check out the neighbourhood on several occasions at random times, throughout the day and night before putting a house offer in. You know… just in case!



  1. What If Our Little One Hates The New House?

Ha! That will never happen. Chances are that our Little Button will play a pivotal role in choosing our new home anyway. We are all fairly similar, and luckily want the same things from a home *coughs… a garden! I know she’s going to love wherever we commit to.



  1. But What If There Is Nothing For Our Little One To Do?

Another big ha! Because little ones are the most adaptable things, given half the chance. When I say I want to move out of the city, I don’t mean to a remote island. But even if I did, I’m sure we would find things to do. Am I right? *Your cue to jump in and help me out. If I’m totally honest, I do wonder how we would manage going from spoilt rotten with things right on our doorstep, to having to drive to the nearest town hub for the activities we take for granted. But that’s the beauty of moving, finding and enjoying new things to do. But, to curb the worry warts, there are plenty of ways to find out the down-low when it comes to activities and days out for children. The internet is full of suggestions, NCT groups and parent’s Facebook groups to keep you in the know. Oh… and those handy little things called blogs are hugely helpful too!



There are so many what-ifs

As with everything, there are so many what-ifs in life. But never moving house because of them just isn’t an option for me. I have a list as long as my arm (both actually) with worries and wonders about moving, but I’m far more scared of not giving it a try and seeing where else life may take us.



I would love to know what you think about moving house. Are you a stick in the mud like Mr Button, or are you keen to let life take you where it may like me?



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. All views and words are my own.


51 responses to “Is Moving House Really That Stressful?”

  1. Heather Keet says:

    We’re a Navy family so we move, often. Every three years we’ve packed it up and moved somewhere far away that we’ve never been. I still get the jitters. I just remind myself that when it’s over your start the adventure in the new spot! #DreamTeam

  2. Jessicah says:

    I feel you!! I just moved interstate from western austalia to south Australia and the what-ifs are endless. But it really is THAT stressful. A two year old & a 9 month old.. my god. Damaged furniture, lost essential, messed up bed times.. the community park is a little too ‘old’ her my toddlers capabilities. Everything is different. Honestly.. not planning on moving any any any time soon. #dreamteam

  3. We’ve moved three times in the past two years and I think it IS that stressful! One move was literally around the corner but it still nearly did me in with all the cleaning, packing and shifting stuff about. That being said, we’re probably going to move AGAIN next year so we can get a bigger place. Sigh. #DreamTeam

  4. Chloe says:

    Hi, moving can be a stressful experience but if you have your heart of moving you never really feel settled where you are. Why not just give it a go I always think if it’s meant to be it will happen if it doesn’t you know that it’s not meant to be at the moment #dreamteam

  5. My husband is similar to yours, it would have to be super planned for him to make the jump! #dreamteam

  6. mums army says:

    Ha! We are the same, we said we would only be in this house a couple of years and I think we are now getting on for 5!! We would love to move but funds are our issue rather than anything else. It is a gamble with neighbours, my other half wants to live in a remote island away from any other civilisation but that would be my worst nightmare!! (has he not seen those horror movies?) I agree with you that you should just go for it as I bet you will look back and think it was the best decision ever 🙂 xx Nicky #DreamTeam

  7. My folks aren’t in their forever house either (they want to move to the country) and they’ve been here for nearly 12 years!! Only another 2 years then they can afford to move to their forever home! It can be stressful but thankfully I’ve only been through it once! Take the leap 🙂 #DreamTeam

  8. Mrs Lighty says:

    Just popping over fro #DreamTeam! I think the aspects that you can control are fine, but it’s the bits that are unexpected that can become stressful. Like when the funds don’t transfer on time on the day, having three days from the initial offer to completion (true story on our first house!!) etc etc. But I think you should definitely try moving out to Essex to test your theory!! ;P xxx

  9. Suz says:

    I’ve only moved house once. It was the week before Christmas. We hired a the biggest van we could drive which the hire company said would move a three bed house and it took us three trips despite only having a one-up, one-down. It was soooo stressful, I’ve never moved since lol.
    Good luck

  10. I look for a new house almost everyday- I can never find anything that meets my perfect and unrealistic expectations. Hence I will just keep plugging away at this one.

  11. I think moving is a huge worry for everyone. Even moving a short distance is a real faff and all that packing and unpacking…urgh. However, they’e still not reasons to stay put. I love your list of myth busters, hopefully it’s served it purpose and you can finally move out of the city #DreamTeam x

  12. Ky says:

    One of my guilty pleasures is looking at houses on rightmove. Our last move was in November and I actually don’t mind the moving process. Like you say as long as you hire a van big enough or a company to do it, then it’s actually ok. Although I don’t think we will be moving for a long time now. #dreamteam

  13. Tubbs says:

    As Rev T is a minister and our house is only a borrow as it comes with his job, we know we’ll be moving at some point. It depends where he gets his next post and the house will come with it. It’s both stressful and exciting!

  14. Bad neighbours! That would be so funny #dreamteam

  15. msmamabean says:

    Moving house is such an exciting but daunting task, we moved into our current house last year and I’m so happy we did as it’s much closer to my parents and also alot more room for the little one to explore. I absolutely agree with the bad neighbours, we visited the area and house multiple times before we decided it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. #DreamTeam

  16. We are very much settled in our house, but that does not stop me constantly looking to see what’s out there. Our plans are to either extend the house we have, which brings in different kinds of stress or if something comes up on the market that is what we are trying to create then maybe we would move. For us either way of trying to create or find our forever home it will be stressful. 🙂 x

  17. Mama Grace says:

    I think it would be about finding somewhere you want to move to. The area, the culture. When there’s something to gain and explore, something to aim for you make the leap. #DreamTeam

  18. Lucy At Home says:

    Oh I’m like your husband – I like to plan everything and change does not agree with me! We moved house a couple of years ago and, while it wasn’t overly stressful and it all worked out really well in the end, I’m definitely not in a rush to move again. We didn’t plan for this house to be our forever home, but within a week of being here, hubby and I both agreed that we would be quiet happy if that’s the way it turned out 🙂 Good luck with your decision! #dreamteam

  19. Jaki says:

    I do find moving house stressful. Hubby is so good at it though. He used to do some work on the side for a removal company years ago so he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s great at packing too. I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator where as he just gets on with it. I’m lucky otherwise it would never get done. Having said that, we’re very settled where we are so hopefully won’t be moving anytime soon. #dreamteam

  20. I think preparation and dealing with the stressors that you may face can help reduce the stress a lot X #dreamteam

  21. fridgesays says:

    #dreamteam ohhh move! you don’t know what adventures could be had, also i love a good sort out. i’ll move with you 🙂

  22. Life as Mum says:

    We have moved home 3 times in the past 6 years. I would love to move again in future!

  23. Kate says:

    I would definitely say go for it! As you say children are adaptable and actually adults are too given half a chance. We have just relocated to France and right now seems like the best life choice we ever made – so very different but we are enjoying that novelty after years of same old, same old.
    Good Luck with it all

  24. Chloe Wood says:

    We have just moved and it was massively stressful! All done now though and really setttled – go for it! #DreamTeam

  25. It’s a daunting one, full of what if’s and seems such a lot of work. We moved from a flat to our house where we are now 8 years ago, and never looked back. We’re still in London like you but have a bit of space and I can’t imagine ever moving now. But I do remember how daunting I found it back then, 8 months pregnant with an 18 month old already – great time to move! I look back and think we must’ve been crazy. Not sure I could do that now. #DreamTeam

  26. Liz Deacle says:

    I say do it while the kids are younger. We have been in our house in NZ for 6 years now and everytime we suggest moving we are met by wails of ‘nooo this is our hommmeee’ and then you just feel like a nasty mummy upheaving the whole family. If you’re having thoughts do it sooner rather than later!

  27. I’m very much the stick in the mud type but my husband gets restless for change every few years. We too are thinking about moving soon, before we have to think about our toddler’s school place, eek! I also worry about there being enough to do for our little one wherever we go and if they will adapt but as you say kids will probably find it easier than the adults! Great post! X #dreamteam

  28. We initially moved because we thought our first home was too small after we had our 3rd baby. Aspen had just started school at a private school, and I was insecure the more playdates and parties we attended as everyone seemed to have these gorgeous big homes. I wish I hadn’t let that affect me, I wish I had been confident enough in myself and not worried if people would accept my daughter if she didn’t have a beautiful home like most of them did. But it was a time I felt very lost and insecure in myself. So we built our dream home, with a show kitchen and a master bedroom that was like a luxury hotel suite. There was a lot of designing hours which I loved and interior design which I loved, this would be our forever home. But 4 years later I was unhappy and felt empty, the home was gorgeous and we had amazing views, but material things just don’t make you happy. I wasn’t being authentic or true to my passions. So hubby and I decided to downsize by a lot! All three of my children still attend the private school, and we have awesome geuinine friends because I am now being true to myself and comfortable being me. It was a huge lesson for me, and the funny thing is I wish we could go back to our original home! I do love our current home, but I wish that I had not moved. Moving is stressful, but exciting and what ever you decide there is one thing I have learnt above all else, and that is, what matters most is the people we live with, if we are happy, where we live doesn’t seem to matter. #dreamteam

  29. RawMum says:

    We moved in four years ago and only intended to stay long enough to do it up and move on. I don’t mind moving. But we like it here, even though the house isn’t big enough inside. We love the garden and location. Mostly it’s the money aspect. We can’t afford to do it up. Even just the kitchen (which is handbuilt from the 60s). I guess we will figure out how to make it work and just keep dreaming of the extension. #dreamteam

  30. Oh I adore change and love a new venture and although we are settled at the moment because of schooling and exams etc I am looking foward to our next move for sure! I’d say go for it! #DreamTeam

  31. Haha, we are just the same. I’m more a go for it type and my OH plans everything so much that we often don’t end up doing stuff because it’s too much hassle! Definitely agree with you about hiring removal companies to help with a move.

  32. It’s just hard work! My mum and brother are both in the process of selling up and moving, it’s been chaotic to say the least! BUT so worth it when you are in your lovely new home x x #DreamTeam

  33. I’ve lost count now but I think our latest move is my 25th? Ridiculous I know. You would think I’d be an expert at it but this latest (AND LAST might I add) move has been the toughest by a long shot as we’ve accumulated so much “stuff” since having the kids! I do think you should move though. To Yorkshire. I need my virtual cake buddy within actual cake range. 😉 xx

  34. Claire says:

    I moved house in January. I was very apprehensive of moving with a 3 year old but it was the best thing i did. A bigger home in a nice area with a park at the bottom of my street. It’s completely worth the packing.


  35. Natasha says:

    I love moving house! We’ve been in our current home for 5 years and it’s the longest I have ever lived anywhere my whole life. We have moved out to the countryside and it’s the best decision we ever made. My husband had the jitters about it. Even when we first moved he panicked and wanted to go back to our old house! He soon realised he was being silly and sentimental and settled into our home. The school here is amazing and village life suits us well. I say go for it! xx

  36. I don’t mind the idea of moving house but the practicalities are so stressful! I’m hoping to not have to do it for a very long time!

  37. kerry says:

    We moved with a 3 year old and I was 5 months pregnant, my main concern was also the neighbours! There not as quiet as the old ones but the house is bigger and nicer so I guess we cant have everything ey…

    #dreamteam linky.

  38. We are currently in this dilemma do we move somewhere bigger but further away from family or done stay where we are in our small little house but be close to family ?!? We still can’t decide! #dreamteam

  39. Tooting Mama says:

    We moved out of our rental property to our forever home about six years ago before our adopted kids arrived. That was pretty straight forward. But forever wasn’t forever, and we moved to Paris – taking all our stuff and obvs the kids. That was traumatic for the kids. New country, new city, new language, new school etc. Now we’re moving back, we’re all excited but a little sad. And we’re also bringing back a dog! Good luck with your move!!! #dreamteam

  40. Lauta says:

    Moving house is such a big deal, specially when you have kids. The neighbour thing is always a worry! We starting talking about moving house for years, I thought we never actually would do it. But 2 years ago in august we did, and now we’re loving life!!!

  41. We love our house and garden but sadly have issues with the neighbours on one side which is making us want to move 🙁

  42. Helena says:

    Groups like those you mention are fantastic places for finding people in the same situation as yourself and blogs can be read anywhere it’s true. We have family abroad as well as in our home country so to us moving is something we talk about occasionally. #DreamTeam

  43. Laura Dove says:

    I think we all have these fears when it comes to moving home. We had to move our son to a new school the last time we moved but he settled so fast and we love our forever home. That said, if we won the lottery, we’d be moving again no question!

  44. Oh I really identify with this. We moved to the house we’re at now after moving cities getting away from an abusive relationship. It was meant to be temporary till we found our ‘proper’house but we’ve been here nearly 9 years!! I don’t want to live here forever but I also don’t really want the upheaval !! I think for me it’s going to just have to be a case of biting the bullet and doing it!! #DreamTeam

  45. Uck we are trying to move house now!!! It IS stressful! But only because our buyers pulled out and ruined it all! Definitely recommend checking out the location properly, we have and are set on somewhere now. So if we can’t move this year we will definitely try again next year in that place. Good luck convincing your husband, just go for it! #DreamTeam

  46. we’re looking to move house next year and I’m so glad to read this post as it makes me feel better about the stress I’m worried will occur! #dreamteam

  47. We did the same and moved our own stuff… big mistake! However, once you’ve driven 2 petrified rabbits halfway up the country in an over-stuffed car – and they survive, you certainly lose that fear of moving #dreamteam

  48. Everything will be fine, I’m sure. Children are happy wherever their parents are and you won’t be that far from places to visit. If you’re in the countryside you’ll be able to do more outdoorsy activities which are great for kids and adults too! The worst thing about moving is packing, that’s all, and you always find you have much more stuff than you thought, but if you organise well, hire a removal van and get rid of things you don’t need anymore, you’ll be fine. Take the plunge! #dreamteam

  49. It’s so stressful. We did our big move to our family home 4 years ago and already feel we have outgrown it. I think our forever home is still a wait though #dreamteam

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