On your 1st day of year one




Your 1st day of year one.


I can’t believe it’s here, and yet…it’s the moment that’s been playing on my mind since you first pulled your reception class summer uniform on, all those months ago. It was always going to be the greatest bitter sweet moment for us.


You’re a big girl now. No looking back. Just onwards and upwards.


Don’t get me wrong, starting reception class was a huge deal. But year one. Now that’s a whole new ball game. No more free playtime and leaping about outside at will. No more getting filthy in the mud kitchen. This is where the serious work begins. But you’ll soon discover that it’s all worth it. I know you will.


You’ve been excited. Really excited. A new classroom. A new teacher. So many things to look forward to. It’s been a relief, knowing how happy you are. Because I don’t think anything will ever compare to last year. Your time in reception class so precious. And your teachers whom we will forever remain grateful to, have really set you up positively for your school journey ahead. Reception class whizzed past so quickly for us all. With so many achievements under your belt already, the bar is set high. But you are taking it all in your stride today.


With only the slightest wobble before putting on your new autumn term uniform, you beamed that sunshine smile at me. Knowing that the moment had come.


year one

year one



With little skippiety footsteps you raced down the road towards school. Gleefully pointing out all the newbies who you guessed were starting reception.


You cooed at a little one in tears. ‘She’ll be OK’ you piped up, smiling to yourself -that’s my beautiful, compassionate girl.


Happily chattering away to me, you seem to have forgotten it’s your 1st day of year one.


Footsteps now racing, you spot your friends.


Your new class.


And suddenly, you’re gone.


Shouting back – ‘bye mummy’ into the oblivion.


We’re allowed to peek into the classroom. And there you are, sat happily with your friends on the carpet. Already busy. And I’m forgotten. Just as it should be.


I wave. A bit too frantically in your direction. Your teacher smiles kindly, seeing that your attention is elsewhere.


And the moments gone.


You are now in year one, and I couldn’t be more proud of you.


*And yes, I did cry just a little bit.





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