My Postnatal Ward Experience

May 15, 2016


This week I wrote a post on a subject that haunts me. I hadn’t intended on writing it.

Snug in front of the tv to catch up on Eastenders, laptop in one hand and my picking of delicious French Fancy cakes in the other, I was intending to write a post for the MeetOtherMums readers. Something a bit funny, magical or inspiring… this is my style.

Instead, out popped my own personal nightmare, a secret that I was hiding, that I hadn’t fully shared with anyone other than Mr Button. My terrifying experience of the Postnatal Ward after having Little Button and the reason why I am too scared to have another baby.


There are no secrets that time does not reveal. Jean Racine.


I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to let the post go live, but I did. All this time I have felt ashamed of what had happened, when in fact, the Postnatal Ward staff were the ones who should have been ashamed of themselves.

I have chosen not to publish my full experience here in the Button house, my fun happy-go-lucky place full of our joy and adventures. Instead the post will remain an exclusive over at MeetOtherMums.

Please do stop by, have a read. Comments are welcome on the original post, but I am always happy to say hi to you here.


Thank you so much to everyone for their support and kind words.


Every woman should be treated with kindness after giving birth, no matter how their baby arrives. What happened to me was not right. I hope this gives someone else the courage to not allow it to happen to them or if it’s too late, the strength to share their own story.


My postnatal ward experience


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17 responses to “My Postnatal Ward Experience”

  1. I have tears in my eyes after reading about your experience Annette. I can’t believe that nurses people opting to work in a care industry could be so uncaring and judgmental, thank goodness they are not all like that! I am so sorry you went through this experience! I don;t think that you should let it put you off though, I think that if you want another child you should discuss your experiences with your Dr and arrange for specialist care with a team who will understand your problems. Well done for having the guts to share this, I am sure you are not alone

  2. I am so gutted you went through such a hard experience and I think it’s great that you’ve shared your story, as well as very brave, Don’t let it put you off honey – be sure to share your past experience with your doctors and they will help you overcome the fear of history repeating itself. You’re fabulous xx #candidcuddles

  3. Oh you poor dear, what I read disgusted me, angered me, brought me too tears. What they did was so so wrong. I completely understand why you are so afraid. This is what angers me, what they did was terrible, the justification that they thought you chose a csection is worse, this mom judging is sick sick sick! #dreamteam

  4. I’m still emotional from reading this post over on Meet Other Mums. It’s just horrible what you went through and I wish I could give you a big hug. You’re amazing and stronger than you give yourself credit for xx #DreamTeam

  5. It is hard to share some things on our own websites, I too have written things for other websites that I feel weren’t right for mine. I will head over and read yours now xx #dreamteam

  6. I’m astounded by your account and just want to give you a huge hug. No one should ever be treated that way! It must have been awful for you, I’m in awe of you for being brave enough to write this post and I’m glad you did. #DreamTeam #CandidCuddles

  7. Mrs Lighty says:

    I’ve just read your post over on Meet other Mums and I have to say I’m disgusted by the way you were treated. Even if you HAD chosen to have a section, how dare they treat someone like that who’s in their care?! I really hope it doesn’t put you off having another. Thanks for being brave enough to share this with #dreamteam. Sending virtual hugs xxx

  8. This is such a terrible experience, how brave of you to share your story even though in doing so you had to relive the distress. The nurses in charge of your “care”, willingly causing you to suffer, were the polar opposite of what nursing should mean. Who are they to judge without knowing all the facts? And why such prejudice in the first place? There should be consequences for them, more than just a “telling off”. #CandidCuddles

  9. Ellen says:

    Oh my gosh I just read that post with tears in my eyes. Truly horrendous treatment, cruel and abusive. I hope writing about it has helped a little. Even if you had elected to have a c section there is NO justification for treating a patient like that. They are terrible representatives of a profession which is generally caring. Thank you for being brave enough to share it. #dreamteam

  10. Desanka @MommyBabyTime says:

    I’ sorry for the horrible experience you had. Being brave to share it may encourage you to be stronger. Don’t let yourself down! #dreamteam

  11. Jasmine says:

    Oh my goodness! How horrendous, but well done for writing about it. I hope you’ve got some comfort in other people’s support.

  12. I’m so sorry for what you had to go through. It was wrong on so many levels It shouldn’t matter what way a mother gives birth & whether it was her choice to have it that way or not. You are so brave to share your story & I’m sure it will help others! Thanks so much for sharing with #candidcuddles xx

  13. emma says:

    Sorry you went through all of that. sounds horrid. I had a very different experience with c-sec after care. midwives were all amazing thank goodness. #BloggerClubUK

  14. So utterly horrified at reading your experience Annette – what an appalling lack of care and compassion. There is no excuse for treating anyone like this no matter how they have given birth – and how dare anyone hint that the way in which you gave birth made it remotely justifiable. I’m so sorry that you went through such an awful experience x

  15. Kristel says:

    Gosh I am so sorry for the way you were treated. I am a midwife who works primarily on the postnatal ward and I am DISGUSTED by your treatment, not only as a midwife but a human being. I could not even imagine treating a patient differently because of the way they gave birth, to give medication so late and take away your call bell is inexcusable. Not to mention breaching their duty of care to properly look after you and your newborn. I think I read at the time that you said you didn’t put in a complaint? Have you thought about doing it now? If those midwives are still at the hospital I would hate for them to be treating anyone else the way you were treated. Also, if you do decide to have another baby maybe in your antenatal care mention your experience to your care provider, so they can flag you when you hit the postnatal ward and treat you like you (and every new mother) deserves to be treated, with respect and like a human being.

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