7 SuperHero Father’s Day Quotes

June 16, 2018



It’s Father’s Day tomorrow! Yay. I can’t believe how quickly it’s snuck up on us this year. It’s sort of sandwiched between 2 birthdays so I have to make sure it doesn’t get missed. We’ve got a very poorly Little Button today, so I’m not sure how tomorrow is going to pan out for us. But fingers crossed there will be cake!


No matter how you are celebrating with your loved ones this year, don’t forget to make that card count by adding in a super message, snappy rhyme or fab superhero quote! Here are some of my favourites, including 1 that Little Button added to her card for Daddy Button this year.



7 SuperHero Father’s Day Quotes



SuperHero Father's Day Quotes

Daddy’s are just superheroes in disguise.



SuperHero Father's Day Quotes

Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my dad.



SuperHero Father's Day Quotes

I have a hero, I call him daddy.




SuperHero Father's Day Quotes

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone extra special, a superhero, to be a dad.




SuperHero Father's Day Quotes

Daddy, you will always be my superhero.



SuperHero Father's Day Quotes

The only superman I know is my dad.




SuperHero Father's Day Quotes

My Daddy is stronger than hulk

Quicker than Spiderman

Smarter than Ironman

Braver than Superman

Tougher than Wolverine

Cooler than Iceman




Happy Father’s Day!


Do you have a favourite Father’s Day quote, saying or rhyme?



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4 responses to “7 SuperHero Father’s Day Quotes”

  1. Kate says:

    Have a lovely day tomorrow and make magical memories. I had the best dad and when I really analysed it all after his death I think he very best quality was that he always made time for me no matter what else was going on in his day or life. Much missed. #BlogCrush

  2. Claire Rocks says:

    Brilliant, im going to share this on my facebook page! #BlogCrush

  3. These are really cute. My dad certainly was one of my super heroes, I believed he was the best at everything! I’d love to think my kids believe the same about my husband. I hope your little one felt a bit better on Father’s day. Thanks for linking up with #blogcrush 🙂

  4. Nick Holland says:

    Love these quotes! especially the one about it taking a superhero to be a Dad

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