Have Yourself A Good-Enough Christmas!

December 9, 2016


Once upon a time, about 4 years ago give or take, the pressure to be Christmas-perfect hung around my new mum neck like a sack of jacket potatoes. The gigantic ones, with mud. Apparently 3 months post-birth was adequate enough and now was the time to pull one’s self together and crack on and be blooming merry.


My former self probably would have agreed at the time. Except that former self hadn’t been carrying a watermelon for 9 months, then been sawn in half to get said watermelon out, and finally, so sleep deprived that blooming and merry didn’t quite make any sense at all.


Of course I was thrilled to be a new mum. But nowhere in any manual did I read that it would involve being a vision of perfect Christmas cheer during the festive season. I was quite sure that it should have been more like: put your feet up, take a load off and let me give cuddles to the gorgeous new baby whilst you enjoy a hot cup of tea. Did it happen? No. And quite frankly there was more chance of Santa delivering super nanny down my chimney.


“What’s wrong with you?” I remember being quizzed, when I couldn’t quite work out how I was going to pull off a big Christmas bash. And that was that. The thing that catapulted me from balancing on the edge of Christmas spirit to being thrown head first into a big vat of mummy guilt.


“Is there something wrong with me?” I remember asking myself at least a dozen times a day from then on. “Am I not good enough?” Dazed, and unfortunately still in post birth agony ( another story) I set about putting myself last and did everything possible to make everyone else’s Christmas rock.



Have Yourself A Good-Enough Christmas!



This went splendidly (for everyone else) until the Christmas bash, when a very poorly Button delivered wave after wave of poonarmi and only I would do for her. So, pram in one hand, Christmas dinner preparations in the other, I glued myself to the kitchen and just this once everyone else would have to get on with it and blooming well entertain themselves.


Well, that went down as well as a sh1tstorm I can tell you. Apparently only I had the power to ensure that everyone had a dong dong merrily time. I will spare you the details, but once everyone had gone home I swore, in both senses of the word, that actually I wasn’t here to make sure everyone else had a cracking good time. That, if anything, as long as my Little Button as happy, then Christmas was jolly well good-enough.


And these days? Well, I stuck to my word. On Christmas day you will find the whole Button family still in their pj’s, ripping open presents in a wrapping paper frenzy, and most definitely running late for Christmas dinner.


And if you happen to drop by? Well… you know where the kettle is.


 Have Yourself A Good-Enough Christmas!



Cheers to having a good-enough Christmas x


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47 responses to “Have Yourself A Good-Enough Christmas!”

  1. Yep… and I’ll brew up for us all. I might even bring a large white sliced, and some strawberry jam. Merry butties.

  2. Such a cute blog and the post is adorable. Love your sketches.. I would love if you shared this at Dishing It & Digging It. The party is live now. Happy holidays.

  3. MMT says:

    I will totally be bearing this in mind as I host my first Christmas at home…late…in my PJs

  4. I ADORE this! It sums up exactly how I felt last year. Let them look after themselves and you put your feet up – you deserve it mama! xxx #DreamTeam

  5. Heather Keet says:

    I love this! Too many people make us feel pressured into being the perfect hostess. It’s too much, I want to enjoy my holiday also! #DreamTeam

  6. Lisa says:

    Totally agree with you. Christmas shouldn’t be a stressful time for anyone. Well done for sticking to your word and having the Christmas you want to have. #DreamTeam x

  7. I couldn’t agree more! I had a couple of memorable Christmases when my kids were tiny, where I was expected to perform and I couldn’t believe how the family could just sit back and let it happen. Ill babies, heavily pregnant etc. So now, just like you, I’m inclined to think: fuck it 🙂 Have a good fuck it Christmas 🙂 Alison x #DreamTeam

  8. Sounds like people were really being very selfish on that first Christmas! You poor thing. It’s surprising sometimes how those closest to you are sometimes those who think and consider your well being the least. Since my daughter was born we have just had Christmas at home with her, just 3 of us. I’m not sure my husband is completely sold but whilst I know everyone would love to see my daughter on Christmas Day, I don’t want to stress of juggling all their expectations. We just have multiple Christmas Days instead.

    Hope you have a wonderful one this year!

  9. Totally agree. You should relax and enjoy Christmas just as much as everyone else. #DreamTeam

  10. Rach says:

    My first Christmas as Mum was 3 weeks after giving birth and I can’t remember a lot about it. I remember being anxious and so unlike myself. I love Christmas now as a Mum, it took a couple of years to get there but now it’s so much better than Christmas before my son. Have a fab one! #dreamteam

  11. Sonia says:

    Absolutely! We are hosting Christmas this year but luckily, they all know where the kettle is!! I do make a point of not sitting on my arse and doing nothing when other people host, hoping that they will do the same for me!! Have a good one xx #DreamTeam

  12. #DreamTeam Wow, well done for even attempting to host that soon after a baby! That must have been sooo stressful! I’m hoping I don’t have to host Christmas until my children have moved out (so about 20 years) haha! I hope this year you have a Merry Christmas and no illness or stress xx

  13. Yes, I agree! This time four years I had just had an emergency c-section. Just over a week later and I was hosting Christmas for our family. Was I mad? Quite possibly. I could barely walk and I had a newborn. To be fair Mr C did most of it and it was a lovely Christmas but looking back I can’t believe that I was like “sure, I will be able to host Christmas!” #DreamTeam

  14. Petite Words says:

    Yes exactly, I always find it a bit hard to digest when people just expect to be waiting on hand n foot at Christmas, it is not about EVERYONE helping out to create something special, well it absolutely should be. And ditto, I much prefer the more chilled Christmas’ #DreamTeam Here’s to a super chill Christmas. x

  15. Good for you! Other peoples merriment and joy does not lay solely in your hands!

  16. I love this, and your drawings are fab!! For us Christmas is about sitting around in our pyjamas, eating as much as is humanly possible, playing games, drinking mulled wine and just enjoying our family. We don’t make big plans or stick to any kind of schedule, we just take it as it comes, and those are the best kinds of Christmas’s! #dreamteam

  17. Great post! Totally agree, My mummy hates having to wait on people all day. Can’t stay in PJs this year as we’re round the inlaws!!! #DreamTeam

  18. I love this. The expectation if Christmas can get too much, chilling out in PJ’s with presents is the best!


  19. Lucy At Home says:

    Good for you! I think the simplest Christmases are the best. I know I put too much pressure on myself (and my family) for Christmas to be perfect. This year, I am trying a new technique of enjoying Christmas as a SEASON, rather than focussing everything on Christmas Day. Easier said than done, though… #DreamTeam

  20. Aww I hear you loud and clear. I too went through this, especially when hosting the day in your home. I agree, if there is one day to throw the routines and rules out the window it’s Christmas day. PJ’s are the best.

  21. I could not agree with this more! I remember the hubby getting disgruntled a couple of years ago when I bought ready prepared veg, stuffing, pigs in blankets etc that all just goes in the oven on foil trays. (I might add that I had a 2 year old and a 3 month old at this point). He is incredibly lucky not to have been handed a tin of beans, a pan and 2 slices of bread I can tell you. This sounds like a far merrier Christmas to me lovely – good for you! xx #DreamTeam

  22. Michelle says:

    Weall said. Life is too short and Christmas is one magically day that shouldn’t be ruined by expectations. Enjoy your family and don’t worry about anything else #dreamteam

  23. hooray for the “good enoughs”

    love this!


  24. Cathryn says:

    I’m hosting Christmas this year and I can already tell I’m going to have Edith clinging to one leg while I cook. Luckily she loves her Nanny lots so between her and Edith’s daddy we should be okay!


  25. Absolutely – PJs, Christmas presents and a very late dinner – all helped with a large glass of bubbles! Hope this year is wonderful lovely #DreamTeam

  26. Great post but sad Xmas!I would much rather go to someones house where I could muck in and feel a part of it!Glad you’re not slipping into the trap again! #DreamTeam

  27. Good for you! You’re not superhuman and no one should expect that 🙁 Christmas day is all about wearing your PJ’s for as long as you damn want, eating dinner when it’s ready (not to a schedule) and relaxing. I hope you have a much less stressful Christmas this year, you deserve it #DreamTeam

  28. Mother of 3 says:

    Good for you! It took me years to reach that point!

  29. Chloe Weir says:

    I’m letting go of my perfectionist standards this year ! #DreamTeam

  30. Yep! Spot on! Our Christmases are a total sh*% show. But that is ok! Great post.

  31. Louise says:

    I love this, luckily my mum does a Christmas for us so I haven’t got to worry about getting veryine else sorted! #dreamteam

  32. That’s it! WE have to make ourselves a good Christmas. I really don’t know why we put so much pressure on us, on everything being perfect and shiny and glittery, …Let’s enjoy and have less but still good enough for all! x #DreamTeam

  33. Important read Thanks for sharing, hun. We put too much pressure on our self to be perfect especially at this time of year. #DreamTeam

    Nadia – Scandimummy x

  34. Good on you. I’ll pop round for a cuppa in my PJs. Have a great Christmas hun. #dreamteam

  35. I am super lucky to not have to host Christmas ever! well other than if we have one at home which will happen when hell freezes over!
    this year we’re at hubby’s nans place and as usual we will turn up to a house smelling of the best home cooked roast you could imagine mixed with the smell of her special cheesecake which I specially requested for babyshower and proceeded to eat it all to myself!! I always offer to help but always get told that everything is in hand.
    I salute you and others who host for Christmas! enjoy your big slippers and PJ’s; after the year you’ve had you deserve it! #dreamteam

  36. Brandi Puga says:

    OMG the first picture is my LIFE!! hahaha! I needed this post, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it will be great no matter what! #DreamTeam

  37. Twin Pickle says:

    Lovely drawings! And yes, let’s not make it so much hard work eh?! #DreamTeam

  38. ohmummymia says:

    I’m first time mummy and I don’t bother to do the perfect Christmas or something I think if you will spend it with family that should be enough

  39. Mrs Lighty says:

    Evening! Just popping by from #DreamTeam! Thanks so much for having us as guest co-hostess again, we’re loving it! ☺️

  40. Good on you. I definetly don’t do the perfect Christmas. I’m lucky in that when my husband is home he takes over cooking the Christmas dinner, although we all chip in and help out. He’s away with work this year and I was dreading having to cook for both sets of parents (especially as I’m vegetarian and the thought of cooking a turkey scares the shit out of me) but my mother-in-law has offered to come and cook the Christmas dinner for me, hoorah! I always remember my poor mum stuck in the kitchen for hours every Christmas and swore I would never do that. Thankfully we managed to stick to that and we all get involved and help out and it’s more like a bit of a party in the kitchen. Christmas is definitely more about the spending time together and having fun rather than trying to make everything ‘perfect’ x

  41. Moms with little kids should automatically be exempt from performing any Christmas task at ALL except for what is required to keep the children happy! That is damned hard enough! #dreamteam

  42. Wendy says:

    Love this and will definitely be keeping it in mind this year. We are hosting my husbands family this year and with a 3year old and a 9 week old I’m thinking they may have to entertain themselves a fair bit. I want everyone to have a nice time but u don’t want to stress either, Christmas is supposed to be fun after all xx #dreamteam

  43. Helena says:

    Having lovely memories of Christmas Day myself, I want to make my babies have a perfect one too. However, my parents want the festivities at theirs so I can chill out a bit. #DreamTeam

  44. We’re so laid back at Christmas now – we don’t even make the xmas dinner and go round to my mum-in-laws to eat instead 🙂 #DreamTeam

  45. Christmas definitely falls to mom to create the vibe & magic. I think it’s great you are putting focus on your family first to enjoy it! I am having a big gang over this year but I will have everything prepped Christmas eve even down to having potatoes peeled & in a pot of water so I can enjoy my Christmas morning with the kids! Thanks for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you back in the New Year x

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