Inspire teamwork in your family

April 26, 2016


Last week Daddy Button came home from work full of beans after attending a corporate workshop. The person who had been leading the training, which had been designed to inspire the management team, had whispered a little secret to them… ‘we play games’.


‘Games?’ I questioned Daddy Button. ‘Yes’, he replied, ‘games, you know, before work to inspire the team!’


And that’s when it hit me! Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner?


We have always been fairly good at teamwork, but now Little Button is a full out ‘threenager’ things are a bit different. Her whizzing hormones have not only ramped up the stroppy tantrums, but world domination is also now on her agenda. If we are not careful Little Button will be very soon be completely ruling the Button house.


Inspire team work in your family


What better way to re-inspire teamwork than to start or end the day with a family game. But not just any game… it would have to be something that would bond us together, have us freely communicating, cooperating and at the same time have us all knee deep in full out belly laughs.


Our new go-to game

One game that came to mind that could do all these things for us was hide and seek. A firm favourite from both of our childhoods and Little Button was already half way to understanding the concept, having taken it upon herself to hide behind things and scream ‘BOOOOOO’ at the top of her voice since she was 2.


I carefully went over the rules of the game with Daddy and Little Button and once we were all in agreement on what we were doing we gave it a go.


I can’t believe how much fun we had and right way Little Button began joining in with ‘the team’ rather than trying to go against the rules or be boss of everyone. What a lovely moment, with lots of little camaraderie opportunities when there was one person left to find.


Inspire team work in your family



Play it every day

We have been playing a few games of hide and seek in the evenings before bedtime for just over a week now, and we are still going strong. I have noticed that we are all more considerate of each other, our sense of cooperation and listening to each other has increased and overall we are a bit more talkative. Well… we have always been very talkative, except Little Button is now listening more and joining in with the conversation instead of talking over the top of one. Family high-fives!


Get your game on

Have a go at brain storming some games that you can play as a family, if you have older children then this will be a lovely ‘team’ activity they can join in with. Give a few ideas a go until you find your very own family ‘go to game’. It helps to set a regular day and time to play this so everyone is around to join in, though impromptu games are also fun too. Try and stick to family game time, even if you do end up switching games, and see what results it brings your family.


10 benefits of game playing to develop family teamwork

  1. Build on trust.
  2. Learn how to deal with conflict and disagreements in a supportive environment.
  3. Help to develop an understanding of different roles within a team.
  4. Develop problem solving skills.
  5. Build on creating a supportive and open family unit.
  6. Encourage listening skills.
  7. Encourage the sharing of thoughts and ideas.
  8. Help to develop verbal and non-verbal communications.
  9. Strengthen and develop empathy for others.
  10. Embrace #FamilyFun time and really enjoy it.



Do you have a family go-to game that you like to play?



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30 responses to “Inspire teamwork in your family”

  1. This is so true and I love a good game with the tots, although “Daddy Pig” is far better at it than me and has such a good imagination! I never really sat and considered the real benefits though? Thanks for sharing!

    Dawn x

  2. Aww what a truly wonderful idea? And I love the 10 points and you can really see how playing can lead to these – such a lovely idea – and beautiful drawings too. My sister sometimes struggles with her little girl so am going to forward this post to her – thank you for sharing #FamilyFun

  3. Lisa says:

    Such a great idea!! Everyone is so busy now a days or stuck on the internet, letting an ipad or TV babysit the kids. We forget how important it is to play with our kids. Be that inside or outdoors 🙂
    Great post!

  4. Playing games is the best. It’s lovely that you all enjoy your nightly hide & seek. We play a lot of board games now as the kids get older, puzzles, we do crafts & I play imaginative games with them too – they come up with all sorts of ideas! #FamilyFun

  5. I can’t wait until the Popple is old enough to properly play games with us. Right now the only one she really gets is peek-a-boo, which is super cute, but gets old pretty quickly. #FamilyFun

  6. Hide and seek is very popular with us too. Sometimes we can get us all to play sometimes just some of us. It’s really good as a turn taking activity too! Lovely #FamilyFun

  7. Fran says:

    this is really clever. Looking at a game from this angle. something I’ve never really given too much thought. But all play is learning and teaching them the basics or human interaction. I like this. thanks for sharing.

  8. this is great. I haven’t thought about all of the benefits before but it makes complete sense #familyfun

  9. emma says:

    love this and loving the doodles! #FamilyFun

  10. Clever idea hun. We like to play board games after dinner on an evening. This is a great way of having some quality time together. thanks for co-hosting on #FamilyFun this week

  11. wendy says:

    My little man loves hide and seek..never thought to make it into a team game and get daddy involved too. I love this idea, definitely going to talk to hubby about introducing family game night xx #familyfun

  12. we have a little dictator in our house also. I’m open to any idea that could potentially teach her that its not always her turn to be the one talking!

  13. This is such a clever idea. We do play games, but have never thought of it as team building – I agree with the other commentators – it makes total sense 🙂

  14. Michelle says:

    My kids are still very young. Hide and seek is our go-to game 🙂

  15. Aww – cute idea, I definitely struggle to prioritise time to ‘play’ as a family, the kids obviously play together but there is always so much to do it’s good to take some time out to just have fun together! #FamilyFun Ps your doodles are SO cute 🙂

  16. This is lovely, such an inventive way to increase fun and respect with the household team. We are noticing some of the threenager traits you describe…I’ll bear this in mind as we move further into it all, thanks for sharing your ideas #familyfun

  17. Kristen says:

    We love to play hide and seek! Another great one we play is Hi-Ho Cherry-Oh! (which is another good game as it teaches math skills and colors). We don’t play everyday but after reading this I think we will start. I never really though about the fact that it helps build teamwork skills. Thanks for sharing! #familyfun

  18. Beta Mummy says:

    Very sweet. I must admit that hide and seek drives me nuts as whenever I hide, within 10 seconds my two boys are shouting “mummy mummy where are you, I NEEEEED you!” And repeat. A gazillion times. A day.

    Anyway, I love your drawings, they are totally beautiful. Keep meaning to ask, what do you colour them in with? 🙂

  19. Jade Lloyd says:

    I love this simple, beautiful post. I often stop and think I should wind parenting back and just do some playing and have us time, it has so many benefits like you listed. Thank you #Familyfun

  20. I agree with all comments, this is a bit of a revelation! Especially putting time aside to play all together as a family. As a family getting slightly older, this might be especially important for us to ensure we still have fun together #FamilyFun

  21. The Pramshed says:

    This is brilliant, I think it’s so important to play games with your children, to strengthen their imagination and also as you say to encourage working in a team. Working in a team is so important throughout life, so why not start to implement early. Can’t wait to start playing Hide and Seek with my daughter, I’m already thinking where all the hiding places are. Claire x #FamilyFun

  22. karen says:

    This is such a great idea. I’d never have thought of it, well I might have, but considering I have a 9 month old only at the moment I haven’t actually need to bring it in yet. Will keep in the memory bank for a couple of years time! great hosting on #familyfun. My turn next week!

  23. Michelle says:

    Aww I love this. I am a massive fan of play in general but I know we could definitely do more as a family, to make the most of the rare times that we are all together. We have a four and two year old so hide and seek generally doesn’t go quite according to plan!! However the boys love it so we will continue with that and all the others we love to play. Also, I love the look of your blog – I will definitely be following from now x ~FamilyFun

  24. boys are getting older I enjoy games as they are willing to do it. I love Orchard toys shopping list and it is a real hit in our home X #familyfun

  25. Really good to know and awfully useful. I will be saving this post forwhen my munchkin is a little older!!

  26. Tammymum says:

    Inspired post and some really useful advice. Yes I would certainly second the message and importance of playing games. That being said mine are still a little young to play any kind of semi interesting attention holding game but they seem to enjoy it nonetheless. #familyfun

  27. Silly Mummy says:

    Good idea! Hide and seek has already been made compulsory here…by the toddlers! They love it! #familyfun

  28. Laura says:

    Such a great post. We love games in our house and also do hide and seek before bed! Been doing it for a while and has become part of my son’s bedtime routine now. At 3 we’ve also just started playing little board games with T – he loves it 🙂 #familyfun

  29. Love this – what a great way of having a special moment of family time together and helping to encourage teamwork. Will have to give this a try ourselves – I think hide and seek will end up being our go to game for now as well as the girls love it. Hubby’s rarely home for bedtime so it won’t be a daily thing but I wonder if we can make a regular slot for family game time once a week instead. #bloggerclubuk

  30. emma says:

    love this – we play hide and seek a lot too 🙂 just generally love mucking about and being a big kid haha! #BloggerClubUK

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