Winners of the Spirit of Summer competition 2016

September 18, 2016


I can’t quite believe it, but it’s true! We have won the Millie’s Beach Huts Spirit of Summer competition 2016.


Thanks a million to everyone who voted for us, and then again to those of you who kept coming back each day to keep us in the top 10. We ended up with 4 of our photos in the final leader board which you can see here. I really can’t thank you enough *virtual cake and fizz all round –hurrah!


I found out on Saturday night that we had won, and had to fight back the tears because this competition has meant so much to me. It wasn’t about the prizes (which are completely amazing, and I am so, so thrilled and honoured to have won them), but it was all about this photo, the beach, and Millie’s Beach Huts.


We Made the Top 10



The Spirit of Summer Winning Photo 2016

Many of you will already know that Little Button wants to be a mermaid when she grows up. Yup… an actual mermaid. She’s a total beach babe, and I can see that her passion of all things sun, sand and sea are here to stay.


Spirit of Summer 2016

Spirit of Summer 2016


It’s like watching a mirror image of myself, we throw off our sandals, jump into the sand and we are free… peaceful and just plain goofy happy.


The winning photo is one of my all-time favourite moments of Little Button captured at the beach so far. She’s got a half built sand castle in front of her, but something caught her eye out to sea, and she was ever so sure that it was a mermaid. ‘When I grow up, I want to be a mermaid’ she mused, eager to catch another sighting. It felt like such a significant moment and I can remember it as clear as if it had only just happened.


I am so honoured to have this particular photo put up in the fabulous Millie’s Beach Huts.




The Beach

It’s hard to put into words what the beach has come to mean to me this year. I have always been mad about it, but somehow, it’s woven itself into our lives much deeper than ever before and I just can’t shake the sand out of my shoes (in all senses of the word).


Spirit of Summer 2016


No matter the weather, the beach feels like home. Which will sound very strange considering we live in London. But something happened last month to make it so.




Millie’s Beach Huts

Millie’s Beach Huts and the beautiful Walton-On-The-Naze coastline are new finds for us this year. And, as if by fate, we managed to bag an August booking with Vicky, as she was about to open a brand new beach hut. Our experience of Harley, a gorgeous yellow beauty right on the front row of the promenade, was amazing, and I remember telling everyone that visiting the beach will never be the same again.




New Dreams in the making

Indeed, visiting the Essex coastline will never be the same again, now that we know about Millie’s Beach Huts – I can’t recommend them enough. Wherever possible, we will be booking, and I expect we will be around the area quite a bit. Because…. well…. I have a new dream. A dream of a little beach hut of our own!


Spirit of Summer 2016



A huge thank you again to Millie’s Beach Huts, the judges and everyone that voted for us! 

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41 responses to “Winners of the Spirit of Summer competition 2016”

  1. Ah congratulations!! I love that your daughter wants to be a mermaid! Your post makes me want to go to the beach #Dreamteam

  2. Big Congrats !!! Little buttons does look pretty happy on the beach! Well Done. #DreamTeam

  3. Yay!!!!!!!!! Congratulations – such lovely happy family pictures and you truly deserved the win xx #dreamteam

  4. Congratulations hun!!! I liked your photo the most out of the final few as well #DreamTeam

  5. Geraldine says:

    Fantastic congratulations! And well done little button #dreamteam

  6. Oh how wonderful – congratulations! Your photos are so gorgeous and totally capture the spirit of summer! #DreamTeam

  7. Congratulations lovely! It is such a beautiful picture and captures the magic of childhood perfectly. You very much deserved to win. I can totally see why you would like a beach hut of your own. I read yesterday that you can “wash the sand out of your hair but never out of your heart”. Sums up beach life really well I think. 😉 Thank you for hosting #dreamteam xx

  8. wendy says:

    Yay congratulations!! I love the beach too. That picture is gorgeous and I love that your daughter wants to be a mermaid xx #dreamteam

  9. Yay! Congratulations! I’m so pleased for you 🙂 #dreamteam

  10. Mrs Lighty says:

    Hiya, just popping back from #DreamTeam, as j read your post the other day but only commented on Facebook / Twitter! Yay again! Many congrats on winning! It’s a fab prize and you totally deserve it! xxx

  11. That’s fabulous well done and very well deserved too. Thanks for hosting #dreamteam

  12. Congratulations! Photo evidence of when Little Button saw the little mermaid. Well done. Xx

  13. Congrats! I love your photos. looking at them, I start to remember our summer vacation. Sad it is over 🙁 #DreamTeam

  14. Congratulations! It really is a fab photo, and the story behind it is adorable! Alfie is a huge beach fan too, and I can’t wait for next year when he is old enough to run around himself! A truly deserving winner #DreamTeam

  15. Emma says:

    Oh wow! Congratulations that is amazing 🙂 #dreamteam

  16. Aww congrats lovely! So well deserved, such a beautiful photo. I bet you are all so pleased with the win. What a way to end a marvellous summer on the beach 🙂 What a dream to own a beach hut of your own, see it, believe it, achieve it 😉 Emily #DreamTeam

  17. Congratulations! I too have always wanted a beach hut. Many years ago I looked into buying one with a friend, but even then it was way too expensive. I still have that dream though 🙂 Alison x #DreamTeam

  18. Congratulations! Loevely beach photos!


  19. Lucy At Home says:

    Congratulations. It’s been lovely hearing updates of your progress and now you’ve actually won! Well done! And what lovely, happy pictures they are! #DreamTeam

  20. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a gorgeous photo and such a worthy winner!! #dreamteam

  21. Suzanne says:

    Wow congratulations. I feel so lucky to live by the beach and get to see the sea everyday. My daughter is a total beach lover too. #DreamTeam

  22. Aw what a lovely post! Well done and let’s hope Little Button realises her dream one day 🙂 Thanks for hosting #DreamTeam

  23. Congrats on your win – I hope you get your hut! #DreamTeam

  24. Congratulations these are stunning photos! Utterly lovely. I want to be a mermaid too, or at least get one of those knitted mermaid tail blankets!#dreamteam xx

  25. kate says:

    Congratulations, and very well deserved! I love the beautiful description of how the beach has become part of your life this year. #DreamTeam

  26. flying solo says:

    Congratulations, how wonderful, lovely pictures x #DreamTeam

  27. teacuptoria says:

    Woo hoo Annette well done!! I’m so glad you guys won. We have spent some wonderful days on UK beaches this year and I agree, they can be magical places. Simple and free family fun away from devices and electronics 🙂 Hope you’ve had fun celebrating! Tor xx #dreamteam

  28. Congratulations the beach huts do look gorgeous. So sweet that little button wants to be a mermaid #DreamTeam

  29. Congratulations to you all especially little button. What a cute mermaid! Great photos and well deserved winners #DreamTeam

  30. Massive congratulations for winning! What beautiful photos.
    This summer seems to have gone on and on and on… I nearly got excited about dragging out my old faithful boots last week, only for the temp gauge to hit 25 degrees again! Haha.
    big love, L

  31. Helena says:

    Yay so pleased for you that your dream came true. It definitely is a lovely photo. #DREAMTEAM

  32. I’m so happy that you won! Yours was such a gorgeous picture 🙂 Love all your beach shots, such happy family time together…how gorgeous that Little Button wants to be a mermaid too aww…thank you for hosting #dreamteam with me xx

  33. Edward says:

    Congratulations Ann. Well deserved. The photo is great. Hope you have many more fun adventures at the beach #dreamteam

  34. Oh my goodness I could just squish you…thanks for introducing me to this concept…beach huts that you can book?! Wow…I really do live on a little rock in the Med as I knew nothing of such things! Your excitement and happiness at winning is so utterly adorable and just pours out of this post Annette, bless you. Huge congrats and now I know you’re a beach lover, I have to ask…what are you waiting for? Come see us in Malta! #dreamteam

  35. Whoop whoop well done you that’s brilliant it’s a gorgeous photo and the story behind it had brought a little tear to my eye too. Good luck with your hunt! Thanks so much for hosting #dreamteam xx

  36. Congratulations on winning. This photos are great and really represent summer well x #pointshoot

  37. Well done! Keep dreaming little one I could see you being a mermaid! Just gorgeous xx

  38. Well done. So glad you won. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

  39. Congratulations – lovely photos. Your daughter is so precious, aw. I think I want to be a mermaid now too… x

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