BABY born Sister doll review

February 22, 2019


Little Button loves playing with dolls. Just like I did when I was little. Over time, her games have evolved to become much more complex with problem solving being at the heart of everything. This means her dolls capabilities get stretched to the max and she tends to sway towards ones with that little bit ‘extra’ interaction. BABY born is already a big hit with Little Button for exactly this reason, but we hadn’t realised that she has an interactive big sister until now!


BABY born Sister

BABY born Sister



BABY born Sister doll review

BABY born Sister from Zapf creation is a perfect addition to add to the family. Being a couple of years older than BABY born, she’s a great way to enhance role play with your little ones existing doll collection.



What is she like?

She’s a substantial size, weighty and very well made. She feels the same as BABY born to touch and shares that wide eyed, plump cheeked look – which we love.


BABY born Sister


She comes fully dressed in jeans and a stylish top. Which instantly makes her look older than her baby sister.



What does she come with?

Like BABY born, the BABY born Sister comes with fun accessories. Included in the box is:



BABY born Sister

BABY born Sister


Everything is of a good size and I think there’s just enough to keep little ones entertained. My pet hate is when toys come with way too many little accessories, as I always find they end up forgotten at the bottom of a drawer… or half chewed by Alfie our dog!  



All about THAT hair

Little Button LOVES this dolls hair. It’s a full head of long blonde hair which feels silky to touch and easy to style up or down. This is great for when I’m brushing Little Buttons hair and I need to give her a distraction while any knots are being brushed out. It’s also a lovely way to introduce ‘practicing’ tying up hair, for when the time comes for them to do their own hair (or at least try to that is).



BABY born Sister

BABY born Sister



And she stands too

This BABY born Sister has the lovely quality of being able to stand on her own. I wasn’t sure she was going to, but sure enough, she does! It is quite easy to manage this, as long as she’s being stood on a flat surface. #VeryImpressed. Along with being able to stand, she has super flexible joints on her knees, making her feel life like and posable.


BABY born Sister

BABY born Sister

BABY born Sister


The only thing I would say is that if her legs are exposed, so are the knee joints. Littler ones would need to be aware of this to avoid pinched fingers.



Let’s get to the water bit

I’m going to be really honest here. My heart sinks just a little when I find out a doll drinks water. It’s not that I don’t like water play, it’s just that I don’t like to helicopter around holding a towel and interrupting play when the inevitable happens… the doll somehow leaks vast quantities of the stuff everywhere.


But, I’m thrilled to report that this doll doesn’t do that! Hooraa! The water very easily goes in via a cleverly designed water bottle. And comes out as tears. As it only holds a small(ish) amount, I don’t have to run around mopping up. It’s a win win! BABY born Sister is also able to join your little one in the bath. She can’t be fully submerged though.


BABY born Sister

BABY born Sister



Our overall thoughts

BABY born Sister from Zapf creation is a gorgeous doll that would compliment most little ones doll collections. Her life-like interactive elements make her a winner for Little Button, and we love how she’s still very much a doll to cuddle. We’ve already had lots of fun with her over the holidays and I think she’s very much set to be one of Little Buttons favourites.


BABY born Sister



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Disclosure: We were sent this BABY born Sister from Zapf creation for Little Button to put through its paces. All views are my own, and Little Buttons!




16 responses to “BABY born Sister doll review”

  1. Nafisah NK says:

    I really like the features of the doll. Glad to see that the water does not leak out, lol. I love those shoes, wish they came in my size xx

    Nafisah NK

  2. Sabina Green says:

    My daughter had a similar doll which she loved. They do make some great ones now with all the clothing and extras that come with them.

  3. Ooh the doll is older than the baby ones! My daughter was never into dolls, but my neice is, so I have bought her Baby Born dolls before. I find them a little scary if I’m honest, but she loves them (and they are aimed at her, so that’s good)!

  4. Lydia C. Lee says:

    oh, cute! I’m quietly trying to smuggle all the dolls off to other children at present…but still sweet! #Dreamteam

  5. My little girl would love this doll, she has just become a big sister herself and loves acting out roll play of siblings at the moment. Glad to hear it didn’t make any mess with the water too.

  6. Sam says:

    My boys have a baby born doll and love playing families with her.X #dreamteam

  7. Isabel says:

    Sounds great if this works at distraction and for role play. Mhm personally I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the very grown up lash extensions though… #dreamteam

  8. Much prefer this doll to the baby! I think it has much more interactive value #DreamTeam

  9. Laurie says:

    The pictures of your little girl playing with this doll are just too cute!

  10. Laura Dove says:

    Oh my girls have these dolls too and they love them! Baby Born do some great dolls, they always have so many fab accessories too!

  11. This looks perfect for an older child, mine would love to play with her hair #dreamteam

  12. She looks like a great little doll! My daughter would love brushing her hair (more than she enjoys me brushing hers!)

  13. Heather Keet says:

    I think my oldest niece is just about ready for a big girl doll. This one is so cute! #DreamTeam

  14. Tracey Carr says:

    This could actually be perfect for my four year old daughter because her two year old younger sister is always playing with her dollies. And her 5th birthday is coming up now in April so I will log this as a potential present (she has already told me that she wants a watch and a Fingerling), but then she still has time to change her mind! #dreamteam

  15. Crummy Mummy says:

    All my 3 would love this! We’d have to have 3 though so they didn’t fight! #DreamTeam

  16. Kirsty says:

    This looks great. I think my girls would love her. This might have to be added to their birthday pressie list. #DreamTeam

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